macOS Catalina 32 bit Fix | How to run 32 bit apps on macOS | How to install Parallels

In this video you can learn how to run 32-bit legacy Applications on any Mac. We do this by creating a virtual machine inside of our native Operating System, then we load an Older macOS or OS X operating system onto the virtual machine and then we enter coherence mode in Parallels. This special mode allows us to seamlessly run any application from the emulated older Operating System within out native Operating System environment.

This is perfect for people who upgraded to a new macOS such as macOS Catalina and didn’t realize that the 32-bit application support has been completely eliminated. With no way to downgrade or return back to the previous version of macOS many people are stuck. This method will allow you to run much needed 32-bit applications and allow you to continue your work.

If followed correctly this can be up and running for free with in 1-2 hours.

Use the links below to download Parallels and macOS or OS X installation files needed for this processes:

*Parallels Virtualization Software Download Links:

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Parallels 7 – Link –

Mac OS X Lion Parallels 8 – Link –

OS X Mountain Lion Parallels 10 – Link –

OS X Mavericks Parallels 10 – Link –

OS X Yosemite Parallels 10 – Link –

OS X El Capitan Parallels 14 – Link –

macOS Sierra Parallels 14 – Link –

macOS High Sierra Parallels 14 – Link –

macOS Mojave Parallels 14 – Link –

macOS Catalina Parallels 15 – Link –

*OS X and macOS Installation Image Download Links from the App Store:

macOS Catalina –

macOS Mojave –

macOS High Sierra –

macOS Sierra –

OS X El Capitan –

OS X Yosemite –

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  1. who came here for undertale

  2. when i do this it isn't free

  3. is there a version for the macOS Big Sur too? can't see it in the list T^T

  4. Thanks so much, I have been able bring a 32bit prog back to life!

  5. When I download Parallels, it makes my Mac slow.

  6. why cant I enter coherance mode

  7. Can I do install high sierra to M1 Chip Mac Pro?? as described above

  8. Will this work on a late-2019 Macbook or anything with an M1 Chip now?

  9. Does this work with origin games?

  10. Is there a way to only install the part of the os that is responsible for running 32bit apps

  11. I regret buying a MacBook sm

  12. Catalina will lock ip the drive if there is 32bit apps ketext files

  13. Will it work with Big sur as well? I have a MacBook Pro 16 inch

  14. Apple truly sucks these days.

  15. It says I can’t install parallels because it says it’s not 64bit smh

  16. can this work for brawlhallah? because i've tried a lot of things and they didn't work so far so i want to ask before i try this

  17. Parallels is not free as you stated at first.

  18. Can you do this with Mac High Sierra and use Mojave like an upgrade because if I try to upgrade it will force me to use Mac Catalina and I want to upgrade to Mojave but I cant.

    The old link got removed also


    Frames : 70/80 frames per second thought SSE Program allowing stronger frames

    GPU: 145+ Sent to 3 pings

    CKK: YUY is the main key and my YUY is 34 so my CKK will be around 200 – 205 ish



  21. Will this video work on a Macbook pro 2019? It came wit Catalina

  22. I have no idea why I didn't think of this! Well done!

  23. can't download from links (the OS). Says that can't connect to app store

  24. sir what should we download when we have a high sierra???

  25. thank you so much I thought I had lost my journal app forever…..thanks so much:)

  26. Thanks, very helpful! So do I have to install all 32-bits software on the virtual machine after installing Parallels or can you open them from the original location?