macOS Catalina – Oracle Instant Client and SQL Plus To Autonomous Database On Oracle Cloud

This video shows how to Install Oracle Instant Client and the SQL Plus tools.
This is followed by making a connection to an Autonomous Database on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Installation is shown on macOS Catalina Operating System.

Create an Autonomous Database on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. See the following video:


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  1. does this work on Monterey?

  2. Hi Asher, where can I get the file of wallet, if you could please share it with me?

  3. Thanks a lot! Worked perfectly for me

  4. Hi Asher, thank you for this tutorial.. by any chance do you know what happened to "tnsping"? I can't find it anywhere, even contacted Oracle Support… I have an updated Mac with Catalina and need TNSPING as part of my setup… anyway thanks for your video.