macOS Catalina – SQL Developer Install Connect To Autonomous Database on Oracle Cloud

This video shows how to install SQL Developer and make a connection to an Autonomous Database on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Installation is shown on macOS Catalina Operating System.

Create an Autonomous Database on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. See the following video:


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  1. How would I know what JDK I need? I see that the page updated and now says 8 or 11. I just got a brand new macbook. Thanks for the video

  2. I allowed permissions..then also..SQL developer is not opening..I have reinstalled in like 20 times..still no use.. please answer what to do

  3. Thank you for your video! I installed it without docker. but I have a problem with connection. after installing, there's IO error "the network adapter could not establish the connection" . how can I fix it?

  4. Helpful video. I was having trouble with getting the service names populated while connecting using cloud wallet in mac device. Following the steps in the video, service names were populated. Thanks!!!

  5. hi how do u create a wallet ?