MacOS High Sierra New Features

MacOS High Sierra (10.13) is pretty lightweight in features. The biggest changes take place under the hood of your Mac and at this time it is only suggested that users with a solid state drive (SSD) even consider upgrading at this time. THAT being said, I strongly recommend NOT upgrading until this OS is out for at least a month.

Anytime you are upgrading your Mac, you have to consider the risk/benefit factor. There simply aren’t many improvements here, folks. Think it over carefully.

Note: There are a few changes in High Sierra that I felt were frankly so dull that I didn’t even feel it necessary to mention. Many of these types of changes could have just as easily been rolled out as a software update.

If you have any bugs you’d like to report to fellow users, we invite you to leave a comment below.

Reported Bugs (that we know about):
* Some users have reported issues with Microsoft Office 2011. I have two Macs, one is a laptop which still has a copy of Word 2011. I tested it and it seemed to work fine (granted, I didn’t use it for long).

* VMWare Fusion is supposedly not ready for users to make the upgrade.

* Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud CS4

* Some older versions of FileMaker

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  1. Can you make a video on how to upgrade from OS High Sierra to Catalina on an old Mac? Thanks.

  2. I have a iMac Sierra do you recommend upgrading to high Sierra?

  3. Apple….the biggest crooks.

  4. are you a robot? your eyes look very alien 😉

  5. Always good, what about the desktop tidying feature?

  6. What would happen if I install this on my g4.

  7. Hi…it's 2018 and I have moved from win / pc to High Sierra 10:13:6. I took first one back because of the rotating coloured ball every few seconds in Photos! I then brought another one home. It is slightly better, but for the money I paid for the, plus the reputation, It just is not right. I'm hoping to progress with you help. But with the poor Photos performance I'm not too impressed.

  8. Great tutorials! I am getting pretty frustrated converting from PC to Mac and about to turn back but you have turned me around. Well done.

  9. i have problem , actually i installed this thing but my macbook stop working, what can i do?

  10. my mac book air turns off and then turns on frequently for 5 times….after that it runs smooth…i have not updated to mac os high seirra…suggest me how to remove frequent turn offs sir….

  11. The nice sitting chair your were sitting on, where you bought it? I hope in Amazon as I have saved the link to do all my shopping through your link. Thank you for all you do for us.

  12. Do you lose any data when installing to High Sierra? I want to keep my pictures and song on my 💻

  13. waited nearly a year now…is it safe to upgrade from sierra to high sierra? 😂

  14. Did I understand correctly that apple only updates its applications as part of OS update???

  15. David , thanks so much man , i like your channel. You are doing a good job. Fcpx vids helped me a lot.

  16. I want to play fortnight

  17. high sierra changes firmware on computer so that you cant downgrade OS – It Kills Final Cut Pro 7 – I took imac to apple shop and they told me firmware cant be downgraded to make my $1200 FCP work again – i am pissed off at apple – apple never getting a dime from me ever again –

  18. With what I had before this High Sierra upgrade there was iPhoto [apparently not available here] which would let you delete photos and even remove them from your camera for you. How does it work with this thing?

  19. I have made a mistake when clicking preferences on web I cannot get to the lottery site or a multiplayer games site how can I undo this

  20. JUST UPGRADED TO high sierra, Logic 9 won't play anymore. They want me to buy Logic 10. I cant afford it. Must i revert back to sierra iOS?

  21. first, I dont deal photo on mac. second, I use chrome all the time. third, I use outlook… should I upgrade to high sierra?

  22. At 78 yrs old, I really enjoyed AND LEARNED from your expertise, thank you

  23. "Everything you need to know" is a terrible thing to say. There are a few more things.

  24. Hi David, First, I've been watching your video's well over a couple years now and I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate each and ever one. Being a newbie to the Mac world since I received my new 2016 15" loaded MacBook Pro w/ 1TB ssd drive back in December of 2016 you have taught me a lot. I haven't upgraded to High Sierra yet and would like some new input in regards to doing so and why? Do you feel that the bugs are well worked out along with being much better than Sierra? Also, can you easily revert back to Sierra if wanted? Thanks, Ray

  25. great¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  26. I use a number of programs written by companies that have died or moved on. I regret upgrading because a good portion are not compatible with High Sierra! Aaaarrrrggghh

    And to make things worse, it seems that the only improvements Apple made were essentially minor tweaks to a bunch of apps that I never use. Kill me kill me kill me!

  27. I'm getting energy saver issues defaulting to 15 minutes I show here – – it's this expected behaviour or a bug?

  28. Does anyone figuredout how to make «Airdrop » working with this OS?
    I got it on my Finder window, but no communication is working, does it still work?

  29. Thanks for the video. Very clear and concise

  30. Updating to High Sierra crashed my iMac desktop I had to wait over a week for an appointment at the Genius Bar. They basically cleaned out the Hard Drive for me and reinstalled Sierra, 10.12.6. I'm scared to upgrade to 10.13.3? Where's Steve Jobs, who'd almost never let this kind of thing happen?

  31. this guy collects apple machines

  32. Mac must of hired some ppl from Microsoft who are tryin to ruin all mac products with shitty OS updates! If it ain't broke, don't fix it n they keep tryna fix it lol

  33. Its not downloading

  34. David, I am more concerned about the file format changes in the OS and whether pervious software will still run on the new system.

  35. Those of us who've been around a while know to wait before updating to a new os. Both windows and Mac.

  36. I never even knew about this until 4 months later. And when you said that let it at least be 1 month before you get it, that helped me even though I didn't know what the bugs were. Thx bud.

  37. Hello .I really like to watch your videos . Can you make a tutorial on visual studio for mac .How to use it and its specifications.

  38. I always make updates on my devices, even I need more help in security stuff, but I have seen you don't give private services, where can I have more info? Thanks

  39. whats the best router to use with a mac?
    How do you re size the font on the left side of mail?

  40. How do you do face recognition in Photos ver 3 (OS High Sierra).

  41. Hi David (or anyone else),

    I figured I'd also ask in the comments, this quick question; hoping for a quick answer, but is there a safe way to cancel/stop a secure 3 pass erase of an external drive using disk utility in mac osx el capitan? Thanks for any advice. Appreciate your 'show' very much.


  42. Or they could've just kept iPhoto that did literally all of the things that the photo app does now…

  43. Thank you, that was helpful!

  44. Today is Jan 14, 2018. I updated to High Sierra from El Capitan thinking bugs would be corrected, etc. My computer is a MacBook Pro. With el Capitan I had no problems except for some annoying issues here and there. Since I updated to High Sierra my computer has turned into a piece of junk. Problems everywhere. And no way to go and install El Capitan again from Apple Store since it is no longer there: everyone knows that. If there is, I am the only one who does not… Tomorrow Monday I will have to take it to a repair station where I will pay for installing El Capitan back in my MacPro and leave this hell behind me. I have done a few things to ensure nothing is wrong with my system (other than High Sierra) or my solid state disk. Someone reading this has any knowledge to share regarding this issue?