MacOS Install Secret Trick – How to install Mac OS High Sierra NEW SSD Clean MacBook Pro 2010-2021

Mac OS Install Secret Trick: how to install macOS High Sierra on new ssd clean install MacBook Pro

The external case I use

This is the Samsung SSD I use

Step by step video. learn how to install OS X into a brand new Samsung 250GB SSD from the beginning, hardware and software.

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Tools/Hardware needed
Downloading macOS
Formatting your Drive
Install macOS High Sierra
Connecting the usb
What drive to install to
Restarting you Computer
Booting from the Installer
macOS Utilities
Formatting your Hard Drive
Setting up your Mac


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  1. Hi – trying to do this on my mid 2009 MBP. Not working. It’s saying…OS X can’t be installed on this disk. OS X isn’t installed. Trying to do it with X El Capitan since this is the highest I can install on this machine. What’s the move?? Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi I am changing my hard drive but my 2012 MacBook Pro running Catalina says h/s is too old to open ? Does anyone know what to do as I got my new ssd external thanks

  3. Omg thank you so much this is exactly what I need

  4. The process is pretty easy. I am trying to do it now. Thanks.

  5. Won't work on newer computers. I have a Macbook Pro 2016. When I try to install get error message that my computer is too new to install High Sierra. Mac technician confirmed that this true and there is no work around. I'm going to have to find an older Mac to run High Sierra … the last OS to run several of my favorite programs.

  6. I just want to confirm: by doing it this way you are putting a clean version of MacOS on the new drive, correct?

  7. Can I install high sierra on a new 2020 model? 🙂

  8. thanks for this tutorial. I have a 2014 Mac mini and just installed an SSD. The mac mini is on Big Sur and the installation was easy. The computer is running faster now

  9. I’ve been struggling for days! This was so easy, just reinstalled my old mechanical hard drive, formatted my SSD in seconds with no issues (as opposed to hours in Recovery mode) and was able to install High Sierra directly from the desktop (no internet recovery mode or Bootable USD required). Absolutely brilliant!

  10. I get an error 'An error occured while trying to verify firmware' and not allowing me to pass the OS installation.

    I have macbook Pro mid 2012, 480 GB Crucial BX SSD in the Optical Bay (not in main HDD slot, which is malfunctioning due to HDD Flex cable issue), and 16 GB RAM. Current OS in my SSD is Sierra 10.12.6

    Can someone help me on this?

  11. Really clear and direct instruction on how to do this, much better than on the official websites. thanks a lot mate.

  12. Great video, will this method work if the replacement ssd is a higher capacity than the original hdd? I’m thinking about replacing a 250GB hdd with a 1TB ssd in my daughter’s MacBook Pro.

  13. so can you just clone ur old hard drive unto the ssd after installing the operating system? can i install a newer operating system to an ssd and clone the contents from an hdd that has an older operating system?

  14. Did your SSD is in APFS ? I'm trying to do it with my old Macbook Pro 7,1 but haven't succeed. Only way that is it working is under Mac Os extended (Journaled). Any way to do it ? Everyone saying that SSD must be in APFS for better performance. I'm in a dead end!!!

  15. Thanks! Your vids are great- straight to the point w/no BS. Thanks again!

  16. I went in the App Store to download high Sierra and it said no result so I going to download Catalina will this work even though on my mid 2010 Mac it only goes up to high Sierra

  17. Well… I don’t have another Mac
    How can I do this to restore my old Mac

  18. Love it. The best one I could find online

  19. Hello I already downloaded the high Sierra os from a website, how can I go ahead with the installation. The size of the os is 5.3gb

  20. Would this work on a macbook pro5,2 mid 2009??

  21. How does one download the OS? My Mac won't do it, it only allows it to update?

  22. Thank you! My MacBook Pro crashed and it would only let me install OS X Mountain Lion. This saved me from paying anyone!!!

  23. Do the drives have to be same capacity?

  24. Gunner-thanks for the video. My question is whether I need the enclosure to hook up my ssd to the laptop or can I just use a USB to SATA cable?

  25. video isso way to bright

  26. Well my Macbook Pro didn't go into setup after installing on the new drive through USB so I just installed it into my Macbook and fired it up. I was greeted with an error "the installer resource have expired" The fix: open a terminal window and running ntpdate -u "" This will update the time, reboot and it should install.

  27. Dude, turn the brightness down when editing. You aren't an Instagram model. I can't see the things you are trying to show very well, because you've washed out any definition in the video

  28. would I need to put it in the computer or can I just run the drive externally? I have a Macpro 2017

  29. So where is the “special trick”? You’ll have to open the computer anyway to put the drive in—you would have had to get on the internet either way—
    Juesus—I love click bait

  30. Great video but it won’t work if you’re on snow leopard. You can’t open the high Sierra installer unless on 10.8

  31. my one stays at 7 minuets are left and more than a hours goes buy and not done so was wonder if you know what the problem is??

  32. To late, old hard drive wasnt opening so I had to switch it out. How to upgrade it now after I switched it out, do you have a video for that?

  33. Probably the only video that worked for me, total lifesaver. Thanks!

  34. Did you format your ssd as a GUID partition map? Or APFS, if so, why not APFS?

  35. You look like shroud….low key bro! And also thanks for the help man! You should get sponsored by the SATA adapter for whatever drive to put in. Thanks anyways bro!

  36. Hi Gunner. How do you suggest I do this install if I have Mojave installed? I have the original HD with Mojave, and I got a new SSD, and want to replace the old HD with SSD and High Sierra. Thanks!

  37. Very good and easy tutorial. Everything went fine; however, my mac takes almost a minute to start, although logically, I chose the SSD to be the start up drive. It is disappointing because that's the part I have read it makes a huge difference. Some also mentioned to enable TRIM Support, but I also found out that TRIM support is only available when the SSD is connected through internal BUS or Thunderbolt, which I could confirm on my computer, because for now, the SSD is external on my iMac 27" Mid 2011. Any suggestions?