MacOS Mojave on Lenovo ThinkPad T440s

Installation guide (should also work with MacOS Catalina):

Older guide (not required):

If you’re not familiar with the hackintosh installation process, read the generic guide too:

For reference, here’s my EFI/Clover folder:
but I’ve excluded my config.plist file because it’s programmed with a unique serial number. This is based on the older guide, so it may not work if you’re following the updated guide.

I haven’t done any BIOS modifications or changed any hardware (besides upgrading the memory). If you downgrade the BIOS to version 2.36 and install a compatible wireless card, you don’t need a USB adapter for wi-fi and/or Bluetooth.
If you have questions, you can ask me, but I can’t help you with the installation process, this video is just to show how well it works. Most features are working and the OS is fast, but it’s no substitute for a real Mac, and my main operating system on this computer is Windows 10.

Specs of this computer: Intel Core i7-4600U with Intel HD Graphics 4400, 12 GB DDR3 RAM, 256 GB SSD, 1080p display (no touch screen).

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  1. Here's an updated video with Big Sur, OpenCore boot loader, and T450-style Alps trackpad:

  2. Does the UI lag in HiDPI mode? I've a 1080p laptop with Intel UHD 620 GPU. With full hardware acceleration, the system works great in native 1080p. When I enable HiDIPI and play a youtube video, every UI animations (especially lauchpad scrolling and virtual desktop switching) lag a lot. Don't know if it's caused because of something I did wrongly.

  3. drivers for the standard t440p trackpad with gestures ? where to download .

  4. Can you record a video with a IOS emulator running, please?

  5. Thanks a lot for this. I am a long-time Mac user but just got a bedroom Thinkpad t450s with Windows and perhaps Linux intended on the M.2 ssd but I have never tried doing a Hackintosh so now could be the time just to check it off the list 😀

  6. ayuda tengohelp i have a lenovo t440p it has mojave installed but it recognizes it as an imac 27 how can i change it

  7. I greatly appreciate your video because I have a t450s and needed your guidance with the installation. By the way, I love the way you speak English and didn't notice an accent.

  8. Tell me, version with Full HD panel is it IPS or TN? Thx a lot

  9. work with T440 without "S" ?

  10. Can you make a proper video with every step and install catalina? I am so confused with clover and patches stuff also my catalina stuck at attempting boot…

  11. Which u prefer T440s or T450s, i really confuse to choose one of these

  12. How about performance ? is that laptop run smooth ?

  13. I have the x240s and the hardware is almost identical, but I can't get it to go past clover. After clover it just showed a line of +++++ in verbose. Did you come across this during your installation? If so what did you do to change that? It would be helpful if you can provide me with your EFI folder as well, see if there is anything wrong with mine.

  14. Can use dualboot ? Osx and ubuntu? And how?

  15. how did u got vga working?

  16. why not an AC wifi adapter?

  17. What an interesting project. I have a T450s with a nvidia graphics chip so I doubt it'd work with my set up, but I might have to give it a try. I'd love to run windows, Mac and Linux together on the same machine. Thanks for inspiring me to look into this. 🙂

  18. can you please make a tutorial on how you did this on your t440? I would love to dual boot windows and mac! but i cannot understand the guides.. if you may please make a tutorial that would be amazing!

  19. How did you fix the audio? Whatever i try on my t440, the audio does not seem to work.

  20. My laptop just stuck on the apple logo any advice or help?