macOS Mojave on old unsupported 2009 Mac Pro (Review, Installation, Performance Test)

Discover how to install macOS Mojave on an older 2009 Mac Pro, will it improve performance?
Part 1 – Used Mac Pro ➜
Part 2a – Review & Changes ➜ (2:32min)
Part 2b – Installation Tipps ➜ (5:35min)
Part 3 – Performance Test ➜ (14:54min)
Part 4 – Summary ➜ (20:05min)

# Tutorial Series # Old Mac Pro – Still Worth It?
Part 0 – Introduction ➜
Part 1 – Bluetooth ➜
Part 2 – High Sierra ➜
Part 3 – SATAIII SSD ➜
Part 4 – Radeon RX560 ➜
Part 5 – Memory ➜
Part 6 – CPU ➜
Part 7 – macOS Mojave ➜
Part 8 – Radeon RX580 ➜
Part 9 – NVMe SSD ➜
Part 10 – Fan Replacement ➜
NEW *Part 11 – USB 3.0 Upgrade ➜
NEW *Part 12 – NVMe Raid Card ➜

More and more people want to install Mojave on their unsupported early 2009 Mac Pro, because of CPU microcode updates, and faster PCIe lane bandwidth.

But is it possible to install the newest OS on a computer that is almost 10 years old? Learn how to prepare your Mac for the installation.

For additional reference please refer to apple support article.

If you have a Mac Pro 5.1 from 2010~2012 you can disregard the manual 4.1 to 5.1 firmware update.

Please pay attention to Boot ROM version you Mac currently has, you may have to do multiple updates.

For your convince I have created a typical upgraded path below, that lists the versions.

El Capitan: MP41.0081.B07
High Sierra: MP51.0089.B00

* Supposedly Apple has introduced boot support for NVMe drives with the Mojave Update (boot ROM version or later. More in the forum:

Note, it is possible to start the installer, update the firmware, aka EFI, aka Boot ROM, without actually upgrading to the higher OS.

Some people have elected to stay with High Sierra for now and only updated the Boot ROM by running the Mojave installer. This may be useful if you have Software that won’t run on the newer OS.

The second requirement is that your computer has a graphics card with Metal support. To learn more about how to upgrade an old Mac Pro please refer to my other videos:

It is a complete tutorial series that shows in detail how to upgrade an old, cheap, unsupported Mac Pro, and make it ready for 2018 and beyond!


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  1. Jump directly to Part 2b – Installation Tipps ➜
    Please also pay attention to the advice/support links in the video description!

  2. I've been following your every upgrade. Thank you very much. But I could not install Mojave until I removed the original graphics card.

  3. make a video about big sur on this thing

  4. Hey! I’ve been following all your tutorials, great stuff. I need a little help please. Today I upgraded to Mojave and now I got a black screen when I turn the computer on. Disconnecting everything and turning it on again works but it’s not very efficient. I have a pulse Radeon RX 580. Any ideas of what I could do?

  5. anyone pls help me there is no wifi after installing Mojave , I am so sad I tried so many times

  6. hello did it but wifi is gone don't know why any ideas?

  7. Firstly, thank you for the great videos. A question on the SATAIII upgrade in my MacPro 5,1. Can I have a 2TB SSD in the PCIe Accelsior adapter?

  8. Hello friend, I have a Mac Pro early 2009 with 4,1 firmware, I have installed a patched version of macOS Mojave from dosdude there, the machine is running fine but due to the NVIDIA graphics card I am no longer getting graphics acceleration, I am considering to purchase an RX 570 4GB GPU so that I can get graphics acceleration inside Mojave. But the thing is will the graphics card work on a 4,1 firmware? Actually, I had its original EFI GPU "GT120" but the thing is that GPU won't give any display output anymore I think its dead.

  9. Tanks 4 the great tutorials, question, my gpu gtx 680 (mac) is not working properly in mojave(no drivers) so like you suggested i'm staying with high sierra, when i booted up from the mojave installer and was expecting to have an option just to update the mojave firmware i saw no such option it's just installing the whole mojave, what am i doing wrong and is there a workaround to get the 680 gpu going properly?

  10. I have updated my late 2009 Mac Pro to Mojave and it worked without big issues as I had High Sierra installed before.
    But now I have issues with my WLAN card. It does not work anymore. Can anyone help out with this?

  11. Hello.
    I wanted to ask you a question to install Mojave on my Mac Pro 5.1
    I have the version of
    Rom in High Sierra: MP51.0081.B00
    AMD RX 570 8G Metal graphics card
    Can I upgrade to Mojave without any problem? Or do I have to update the ROM?

    Thank you 🙏🏻

  12. Does Catalina work on this card? I’m looking for a budget card that will run Catalina. Thanks, great content!

  13. I think you did not guide us how to install Mojave you just reviewed it

  14. Hi, thanks for your videos! Just a question, i don't understand: I have a Mac pro 2009 with a 2010 firmware upgrade already done. So it is recognisez as 5,1. Now I want to install 10.14 mojave, do I have to make an High sierrai nstallation before for firmware purposes or I can just Install 10.14?

  15. when you installed Mojave on you mac pro 4.1 flash to 5.1 did your wifi card work?

  16. Hi There great video! would this method work for a Macpro 3,1 early 2008?

  17. Hi, Thanks again for your videos, using your videos I was able to upgrade my 2009 Mac, but I installed the system on HFS and now need to convert the drive to APFS but because I can't

  18. You sound like the young Arnold Schwarzenegger : )

  19. If memory serves me, the firmware you installed to go to High Sierra is an OLDER VERSION of the firmware you need for Mojave? What Firmware do you currently have? (With Mojave?)?

  20. Thank u sir, does this upgrade affects my bootcamp…? because I am running windows 7 on an Eary2009 4.1 (marvics) machine. please give me a replay

  21. Hi, which is the best monitor for mac pro 2010

  22. Getting one for $300 with dual xeons 24gb ram but the stock GPU that I will upgrade and 1tb HDD going to upgrade to 6tb

  23. Great tutorial. I have a Mac Pro 4.1 flashed to 5.1 with Asus Radeon RX560 4GB but it is not sleep. When I put it to sleep the LED light flashes but the fans keep running. My System Information is the same as yours less in a small detail. In my PCI / Radeon RX 560 / Link Speed is 5.0GT/s but in Link Width you have x8 and me x1. Do you know why there is this difference? Does it have to do with my problem of sleep? Thanks in advance

  24. Get a sata3 ssd, m.2 sata3 or NVMe ssd on a pcie card and the transfer rate increases.
    I think it quadruples with the NVMe.
    Can’t remember if it’s read or write speeds but it’s well worth £140 for a 970evo 500gb NVMe + pcie adaptor. Or £100 860 m.2ssd + pcie. Can get cheaper but I went for £20-30 pcie cards instead of £8 ones from China on eBay.
    Don’t do what I did.
    Ordered a NVMe pcie card for a m.2 sata3 ssd. The slots are on different sides depending on what key slot is cut out. No stress tho as I was putting the sata3 in my 3.1 macpro and wanted an NVMe for the 5.1 soon so….
    In newer pcs some take both but the pcie cards are designed to take mostly only one type sata3 or NVMe.
    I think it’s mbps
    Sata1 150mbps
    Sata2 250mbps
    Sata3 500mbps
    Sata3 m.2or ssd on pcie 1200
    NVMe pcie over 2000.

  25. Would you buy a car if you knew you would not be able to get it serviced in a few years. I’ve only just upgraded from my 3.1 to a 5.1 now mojava is supported.
    No I didn’t flash a Mac Pro Tower 3.1 to 5.1.
    But it’s possible to run Mojave on unsupported macs.

  26. have an old K5000 which is metal enabled …. ill buy one of these for about 600 and put it to work

  27. Hi I am using a 4.1—>5.1 2009 MacPro, with High Sierra running and a 4GB metal supported Nvidia GPU. My Boot ROM Version is MP51.0084.B00. My question is, what steps should I take to upgrade to Mojave?When I open the Mojave installer, it tells me to do a firmware upgrade first. Is this safe, and does it work? Do I have to replace the current graphics card with the original? Thanks!

  28. Thanks to your tutorial. I have qustion. Radeon RX 560 and 580 is running on High Sierra without overwrite KEXT?

  29. Were you able to turn the FileVault on with you're graphics card? Thx

  30. Hi has anyone come back with the problem of wifi not working? Also on another note, my NVME is not booting I'm able to do the install of Mojave on it but it will not boot? thanks for any help in advance

  31. u r amazing bro !!! big hugs keep it up ! from London ….

  32. Thanks for doing this series. I just bought a Mac pro 5.1 off of craigslist on a whim. I ran to Youtube to see what I could do and "there you go". Everything I need to do is in your video series. I already have a PCIe SSD adapter already and a 1TB ssd — it also has a second Sata III connector for a drive off the card. It looks like I need to by a RX 560. Off to ebay. I didn't see you cover it (you may have) but I am going to add a USB 3 adapter. Thanks Again!

  33. First off, thank you so very much for these Videos. It has been an experience. I have successfully upgraded a 5,1. Still going to install a couple more storage drives and I am still waiting for the Ram to arrive (Should be today 2-15-19). I have used the RX580. I was actually able to use the existing power cable along with the cable that came with it and the power cord that was recommended for the 560. Works great! Also if anyone hits a stone wall when upgrading to Mojave EG, Can't get past the select shutdown to flash the firmware for Mojave install, make sure you are using a wired mouse. I was trying it with a WiFi mouse and it would not properly select the shutdown icon. It occurred to me that may be the problem and it was.

  34. By far the best video tutorial and review thanks so much