macOS Mojave Part 2: Software Update & Screenshot

In this screencast tutorial I cover the new Software Update Utility and the updates to the Screenshot tool built into macOS Mojave. With some of the refinements made to the OS Apple is fine tuning how it handles things in macOS and is making it closer to what we see in iOS. This is not so much a merging of the OSes but rather bringing some similarities to both platforms so things look familiar on both OSes.

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  1. So, "the new feature" from Apple that, according to Cook "never looks back" is just a good old feature re-introduced? Haha, how ironic. It is still in Lion but is gone in Mavericks in favor of MAS updates. I always found the old method better and wonder why did they sway? It seems that they wanted keep everyone on their record preventing updates of pirated software but for some reason got back to 2012. Good, though I run the off-white crap named High Sierra part-time. Mavericks and Lion esthetically are pleasure to look at and adds up to better motivation to work on Mac than HS despite all bells and whistles.
    As for screenshots they essentially brought some features (save location, for ex.) from the command line to the graphic interface. The screenshot shape and size – it was possible to achieve the same results via shortcuts that I find easier and faster.
    Quick-video editing in the quick-look is sexy, though.

  2. Videos on Mojave server/profile manager please!

  3. It hard for me to update to that dark mode crap. I heard boot camp don’t work well on old hardware. Some users stated no boot screen , with pc video cards. Users was hoping Apple would build the Apple rom into Mac OS.