macOS Monterey Beta 10 Update! APPLE EVENT MacBook Pro! Universal Control Update + Release Schedule!

MacOS Monterey Beta 10 Update is live. The MacBook Pro Apple Event is on October 18th!!!! Apple has started to accelerate the Monterey Beta release schedule! In this video I will go over all the changes that you need to know along with news on Universal Control. I’ll also go over updates on Ben & Patched Sur + OCLP news with Beta 10. I will also talk about when Apple might release Monterey to the public. Chapters —

0:00 Intro
0:43 Apple released iOS 15.1 Beta 4, iPadOS, watchOS & tvOS updates
0:59 macOS Big Sur 11.6.1 RC, Catalina 2021-007 Beta Security Updates
1:43 Beta 10 Delta Update = M1 IPSW Restore File + Public Beta
2:16 Beta 10 Update sizes
2:49 Beta 10 Fixes & Changes [Apple needs to improve patch notes!] 4:00 Update on Universal control changes in Beta 10!!!
7:33 Beta 10 Benchmarks
7:58 Patched Sur Update GitHub back up!!!
8:39 OpenCore Legacy Patcher Beta 10 Bluetooth issues.
9:16 MacBook Pro Oct 18th Apple Event!!!!
11:12 macOS Monterey Release Schedule
12:32 Thank you

The macOS Monterey Beta 10 Update was released on October 14th, 2021.

macOS Monterey Beta 10 What’s New Full Article

How to enable Universal Control for 2-3 Macs and test the feature out!


macOS Monterey Apple Patch notes public link =

Download Full macOS Monterey & Big Sur Installers InstallAssistant.pkg –

Download Full macOS Monterey & Big Sur M1 Apple Silicon IPSW Files

macOS Monterey Beta Releases
Monterey Beta 10 (21a5552a) – 10/13/2
Monterey Beta 9 (21a5543b) – 10/06/21
Monterey Beta 8 (21a5534d) – 9/28/21
Monterey Beta 7 (21A5522h) – 9/21/21
Monterey Beta 6 (21a5506j) – 8/30/2
Monterey Beta 5 (21A5304g) – 8/11/21
Monterey Beta 4 (21A5294G) – 7/27/21
Monterey Beta 3 (21A5284e) – 7/14/21
Monterey Beta 2 (21A5268h) – 6/28/21
Monterey Beta 1 (21A5248p) – 6/07/21

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  1. This could be the last macOS Monterey Beta version!!! I can't wait until the new MacBook Pro event on Monday!!! What do you think???

  2. swipe between pages is not working after using patcher 2.5 and 0.3.0 on my MacBook Pro late 17 2011 and also menu bar is not working very well because graphic acceleration problem

  3. What about installing the Monterey Beta on an unsupported Mac in a virtual machine – do you have instructions for that?

  4. Please sir I have a laptop Bluetooth has stopped working in Monterey and was working on all systems before I searched everywhere for a solution but unfortunately

  5. I used OCLP to update from beta 8 to 10 everything is working fine ( bluetooth is also work )

  6. I wonder if they will be able to do dual 4k with hidpi so we can do scale down on m1 macbook pros

  7. Still no new wallpapers? Just one ugly one? This is such a disappointment

  8. Sucks that old school macs can’t get it unless we do an unpatched version

  9. From Beta 9 to 10, now the Photo Booth cannot access the builtin camera or a USB connected camera, and the display brightness cannot be controlled by the keyboard buttons and there is no level control in Settings/displays. This is on a mac book late 2011 17 i7.

  10. Great video, I also was wondering if there’s anything news about the usb installer method or what could be possible to get it up and running on unsupported Mac’s, since beta 6 only worked for a media creation with terminal on my late 2013 MacBook Pro 15” and doesn’t work on beta 8-9 and didn’t want to try beta 7 since the media creation is broken, I’m just not sure if it’s possible at the moment until release and when open core legacy will have a solution on that, because, well I can’t upgrade a unsupported Mac unless I tried the usb install method like the pervious videos, but I didn’t realize that if you just open the app for the betas to install like you’ve mention in your last video, I’m waiting on fix for a media creation, because if tried beta 9 it just loads and reboots after a while of waiting, but also tried hitting the space bar and esc key on my Mac and you’ll hear voice over turn on and make a noise, but just sits there on the progress bar, I’d appreciate any help with that or feedback on that. Thank you MrMacintosh, your videos are great info and helpful too 🙂

  11. Amazing and detailed update video as always!

    Thank you so much also for mentioning the fix regarding the iMessage drag and drop bug, glad that it's finally fixed.

    Honestly, I don't even bother checking Apple's release notes for the betas anymore (as there is nothing there) and now I just wait for your excellent update videos and posts on the blog

  12. is patched sur in back?

  13. I felt brave enough to try this out. Get excited for me to come out!

  14. I managed to get the download via safari ( i use brave for surfing normally)
    So. Dont install this latest version? I know Im being negative- but this process is very convoluded. So much trouble for one computer upgrade- and if i want to upgrade a different model I have to spend hours reformatting the bootable installer…? Insane! Especially when Im upgrading 2-3 computers a day…

  15. Sir really waiting for your video to enable airplay to mac, sidecar & universal control in MacBooks that supports MacOS Monterey but doesn’t support these features, LIke- MacBook Air 2015, i have an iPad Pro 3rd Gen & I would really like to use these features eith my MacBook .., pls sir upload a video soon
    BTW Awesome Video, Big Fan! ❤️

  16. So when do you think the final release of 11.6.1 may be out?

  17. Looks ugly af. Every single release, Apple strips more and more of the loved Mac "look"

  18. Where the link to patch sur 1.01

  19. does universal control works on old OS like high sierra? or is it just exclusive to same monterey OS and ios 15..

  20. has anyone noticed that SharePlay has been re-added on some Macs wit Monterey beta 10?

  21. Hey, Thanks for this Video! can i go ahead and update to Monterey Beta 10? im running the OpenCore-patcher, It shows in my Sytem Pref. that i can update to the beta, shows 12.0-11.73 GB. Thanks:)

  22. Will be looking forward what the pricing is going to be like. Have the Macbook Pro (15-inch), 2016) for the moment with the touch Bar.

  23. Is AirPlay iPad or iPhone to MacBook now available in the Monterey betas?

  24. I purchased a maxed out iMac with 128GB RAM in 2019, so I could really not afford a new Mac just yet. But I’m trying to save some money every month so I can get one in the near future 👍🏻 However, my iMac are still performing great for photography (and I never store any junk on my production machine). But I would looooooove to get my hands on an M1 Mac. Really enjoy your content by the way. One of my go-to channels regarding macOS, etc.

  25. So the 2019 16’ MacBook Pro was announced on November 10th and I’m seeing two dates for the release being the 13th and 15th. Maybe the 13th was the preorder day. So would you say the 21st is when we could preorder the new M1X?

  26. gonna order it first thing in the morning

  27. is this stable for mbp101? ehehehe

  28. Call me stupid, I cannot find the link to Patched Sur above

  29. Wonderful video! Very helpful. Looking forward to the new macbooks. One issue though, I cannot see the update. I am on developer beta 9. This had happened before during beta 6 update but it got fixed on its own for some reason. If not then i can always install the full version from your website as suggested by you previously. Do you know when will the full version of beta 10 be available? Thanks again!

  30. If apple can make Monterey by default install those feature flags in the Monterey install that would be sweet and if apple can try and do it for the iPad that would sum up universal control!

  31. As always, Mr. Macintosh, "Simply the Best" and yes looking forward to see the M1X MacBook Pro.