Meet the Censored: Katie Halper

Meet the Censored: Katie Halper

By Matt Taibbi
Narrated by Jared Moore

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  1. Martina Maria Lauer MacIntyre

    I am very sorry this happened to you, Katie. People still get cancelled for reporting the very facts about the horrific violation of basic rights of the Palestinians. Think of Gaza: 2 million people jailed since 2007 because Israel decided there is no room for them in their own homeland. Americans are often so brainwashed that they believe stating the facts is anti-semitic. In Western countries you can not even describe what the preordained suffering of the poor is…

  2. 1) She got fired for insubordination
    2) Jews are wildly, disproportionately, powerful in media, law, medicine, accounting, diamonds, gold, etc. Which is fine, due to their superior intellect and work ethic. But it's not anti-semetic to state that fact. Apparently "disparate results" and "equity" don't apply to their success.
    3) The "poor Palestinians" thing gets old. You have a group that officially wants to wipe Israel off the map – doesn't recognize it's right to exist – which is war. Israel is pretty nice to its "victims" who at war with it. Israel would make peace if the Palestinians weren't in a forever war.
    4) Major parts of Israel itself are majority Palestinian – those Israelis have full rights, vote, hold office, etc.

    So there is no reason to humor Katie – it's all been said before. If she had any integrity she would report on the "stereotypes of Jewish control of media" – including Hollywood.

    The truth is the thing that cannot be said.

  3. Katie sucks, but she shouldn't be censored for an unoriginal thought that already had its controversy back with "Peace Not Apartheid". Also, just imagine how terrible her idea for a "left-wing version of The View" would have been.

  4. There are some good videos on YouTube made by dark-skinned people who grew up under real Apartheid, videos in which they visit Israel expecting to find Apartheid and instead find the opposite – jst a lot of propaganda. The No Israeli government has ever reflected my political opinion, but they're not racists.

  5. Gee , fired for criticizing the owners! Whoda guessed?

  6. I bet the parents of the seven year old Palestinian boy whom died of a heart attack after being chased down by Israeli soldiers would love Katie & Kim to start their own program.

  7. She pitched "A Leftist version of the View?" What is the view, chopped liver?

  8. Halper has the charisma of a sea urchin and I'm happy she's gone. Throwing Israel under the bus isn't "edgy and radical" its mainstream.

  9. We have no time for antisemitism.

  10. Ostracizing people from a set of political values( I am a conservative that believes in robust social programs. Does that mean I am not a conservative? Nope ) because they support The Jewish State is pretty whack. Almost as bad as firing Katie. Actually, it is exactly as bad, considering how progressives feel about those that aren’t them.
    No, I don’t believe she should have been fired, I believe in pointing out hypocrisy.

  11. GOOD! Rising is garbage…but I have ZERO sympathy….or respect….for anyone who stayed around….and stayed silent….after what they did to Kim Iverson with the Fauci interview. I don't even care that Katie Halper is wrong about everything. The fact that she was more concerned about her own career and a paycheck than the truth and working for an honest organization, she absolutely deserved this.

  12. Pallywood

  13. KATIE! You are the best.
    Never stop.

  14. TheAnalyticalFailure

    Congrats Katie on upsetting our Zionist occupied media and government. FREE PALESTINE 🇵🇸

  15. Well said!