MORE PC-98 TO RAGE AT!!! | Touhou 5: Mystic Square

Oparer is back for the next PC-98 game let’s play in his list to bring him rage and frustration; Mystic Square (MS) !!! But will the 5th Touhou game (Touhou 5) be as difficult for him as Touhou 4: Lotus Land Story!? ENJOY!!!!!!!!

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  1. 1:37 Invincible midboss? What?
    11:34 Yes, there's something you not know about Alice.
    12:13 It's better not shooting at this mirror between dolls.
    18:35 And now, the hell begins. Opa is going to be literally raped by Yuki and Mai!
    19:06 …I was just right.
    19:56 Play Mima of course!

  2. 19:03
    We call them Cheetos lasers

  3. That's some fun reactions to stage 4 bosses xD

  4. Yuuka is quite friendly she can cover pretty much the entire area with bullets. ^^

    And yeah. PC98 has no mercy. Stage 4 bosses equal to a stage 6 windows one. 😛

    Homing bullets and lasers lol XD

  5. You think THIS game is the hardest PC98 game?? Have fun with Dim. Dream!

  6. Extends aren't score based. Instead, they're item based. Collect 100 of the blue point items and you'll get an extend. You can see how many you have from the number directly under your lives.

    Also, the lasers at 19:02. We call those the Cheeto Lasers, and they're the bane of all players who don't know what to expect from them. Essentially, they home in on you, so simply moving to the left or right won't cut it. Instead, you need to trick them into making a sharp turn, which they're not able to do. The easiest way to do this is to move in a U shape. You'll encounter these guys three times in the game: Once in stage 4, once in stage 6, and again in the extra stage. And each time they appear, there's more of them. You have been warned.

  7. Ok now that I can actually watch the video

    -Yes, this game is harder than LLS
    -The bar under 夢 is the dream bonus. When it's maxed out, point items are worth more. It's raised by grazing and collecting white items and lowered by bombing and dying. As a result, MS scoring is NMNB optimal. This is really only important for scoring though.
    -You get a life for every 100 point items. You should aim for 300. 400 is really good, and 500 is scoring tier.
    -Sara is really easy
    -Louise is really annoying
    -The Stage 3 midboss is indeed the LLS Stage 4 midboss
    -On Alice, don't shoot during her aimed patterns with the random spam. The random spam literally only happens if you shoot her. The dolls have some mirror thing.
    -Stage 4's background sucks
    -The Stage 4 midboss is Louise
    -The 2nd part of Mai and Yuki is determined by who you kill first. If it's Mai, you fight Yuki, an if it's Yuki, you fight Mai
    -I know Mai is easier on Lunatic but I'm not sure about Normal, maybe try Mai next time and see how they compare.

  8. stage 4 bosses make me cry. on normal. :-/

  9. brb sending this to the lunatic wr holder

  10. There was no need to quit. There are 6 stages in this game and unlike previous games using a continue doesn't prevent you from fighting the final boss/phases

  11. Wow young alice in after touhou?!

  12. 19:02 Ahh- The squiggly snakes are here too?! °~°"

  13. yay a game with my favourtle extra stage boss

  14. Nice episode, you played really well considering this was a blind run

    18:34 I think these are not the lasers people were talking about,
    19:03 Ah, there are the lasers people were talking about ^.^

  15. Lol I Love The Thumbnail That Have Full Squares Because Of The Game Name

  16. Extra lives in this game are given every 100 point items collected (check the Total counter), so score is useless here. The Dream Bonus (aka that gauge above your power) is just a scoring mechanic and can safely be ingnored. Same for graze (or "Gr").

    Louise always fires her lasers in the same angles, and one of them goes straight down so if you can stay under her, just move a bit to the side when the lasers show up.

    Alice will summon her dolls to her sides to put up a shield after her health reaches certain amounts. She cannot be damaged while this shield is up and hitting it will cause your shots to explode into enemy bullets, so don't shoot and just wait for the shield to disappear.

    You can choose who to fight second in stage 4 by killing the other one first. The lifebar is shared but both actually have separate HP so if you target just one you'll end the first phase much faster. I always used to kill Yuki first but judging from the video, you should probably stick to killing Mai first, I remember her second phase being way harder than what Yuki's looks like. (If that was confusing to read, basically shoot the white boss first in stage 4.)

    As for who you should pick next, I main Mima because her speed is really nice for dodging and collecting items, but I'm not too familiar with Marisa in this game. I'm pretty sure she's this game's power type though. Yuuka's shot spreads out really, really wide though which I'm not much of a fan of.

    And yeah, MS is quite a bit harder than LLS in my opinion: you get way fewer lives and the patterns are a bit tougher as well (though there's no cheapshots I can remember, while LLS had a few).

  17. You should play with Yuuka. She have fun dialogue.

  18. you actually ended up choosing the easier boss for stage 4 so gj to you

  19. Thank you based Oparer.

  20. ah yes
    the last game we saw Mima included