Mum tries Mac OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion (2012)

Finally an operating system she really likes and is possibility her favorite! The latest version of Mac (10.8 Mountain Lion) has everything she wants. Mac doesn’t change dramatically over time like Windows does (e.g. windows 8) and she says she likes the look of it… better than xp!!! Oh and possibly even better than Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon Edition! Remember the start menu that she never wants to part with? The dock is starting to grow on her as a viable alternative so maybe she will end up tossing the start menu into the trash can 😉

Tasks Given:
– What time is it?
– Write, save and open a text document
– Maximize a Window
– What is 48 * 32
– Customize the way your computer looks
– Explore the operating system yourself
– Turn off your computer

The mother in this video only ever uses Windows XP running with the classic win95 theme. Would you like to see her try out other operating systems such as Linux, Mac or Windows systems throughout history… Or maybe even Debian? Then give your suggestions in the comments section.

Give this video lots of likes, views, favorites and comments if you want my mum to try out other operating systems. I am open to any operating system suggestions you give especially if these videos go semi-viral (over 100,000 views). This channel is dedicated to me “introducing” people (mum, dad, me) to different operating systems they have never used before and leaving them to suffer in confusion struggling to do anything in an unknown computer environment… or see if these other operating systems are better than Microsoft Windows.


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  1. When you were spotlight searching and it came up with “top 10 Mac OS X pranks that will get you beat up” 😆

  2. 10:15 Mac OS X pranks HD and also Install VMware tools

  3. He avoided the curse of Mac OS Sex Mountain Lion

  4. Lol my user pic on my Mac is the gingerbread man

  5. Can A. OSFirstTimer please a create a video playlist named Diana's Operating System Reviews.

    B. OSFirstTimer please a create a video playlist named Diana's Software Reviews.

    C. OSFirstTimer I enjoy Diana's non technical prospective when it comes to reviewing software and operating systems. Diana brings up good points on logic and first time setup.

    D. OSFirstTimer I enjoy your YouTube Channel because of the following reasons listed below.
    1. I get a real world prospective of a normal non technical user.
    2. I get a real world prospective of technical support to a non technical user.
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  6. 6:00 She be like WTF IS GOING ON!?!?!?!?

  7. That thing on the bottom is called a “Dock”.

  8. Now latest is macOS big sur

  9. i started wheezing when she covered the screen with the pillow 😂

  10. 6:01 Mac Alex Text To Speech Prank!

  11. youtube on firefox: Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.

    Youtube on chrome: video plays

  12. You could use hackintosh and install it

  13. i used this mac back in kindergarten and later they updated all of them but one in the back but then all the macs were changed and replaced

  14. I will try Mac OS X Mountain Lion on virtual machine

  15. Inspired me to create an OS X Mountain Lion virtual machine. On a real Mac.

  16. Mac OS basically is an easy to use version of Linux.

  17. The multiple desktops is for one user because, when you were on desktop 2, then you clicked safari, it toke you to desktop 1 then showed safari.

  18. You Said:"Lask Task". It's Last Task

  19. Hi Diana, my name is Alex and I come pre-installed with this operating system computers need a voice and that’s just what I am. I hope you are enjoying your Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion experience. Mac OSX is the world’s most advanced operating system you won’t find an operating system better than this. It was created for users just like you, Diana. Users who want to get the most out of their computers while keeping everything simple and easy users who have over from Microsoft Windows user select Windows XP rather than the disaster Microsoft labeled Windows 8. Diana please rate this operating system as high as you possibly can so your subscribers on your OSFirstTimer channel will all talks out their Windows 8 computers and biomass acknowledge that mention lion. Thank you still this video good bye I hope you love having me as or computer companion.

    What the heck?!?!?!?!?
    I don’t think Closed Caption is right. Well, it did get most of it right…
    Don’t even thought of biomass acknowledge that mention lion

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