OS Tour: Mac OS X v10.1 "Puma"

I find the first few versions of OS X very interesting. They changed a lot in a short period of time. Here is OS 10.1 “Puma”.

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  1. puma?! wtf??? это сатаниская система!!!! аппле сатанисты!!!!

  2. Yosemite brought back the progress bar luckily, but instead of being after the apple/happy Mac, it is during the apple logo which replaces the spinning gears

  3. funny to see this. it hasn't much changed though. i started using mac os from 10.6

  4. Is Internet Explorer a crappy browser on the older versions of Mac OS X?

  5. This looks WAY more modern than Windows XP from about the same time!

  6. When you say OS X at 1:36 you sounded a lot like Tim Cook.

  7. you were complaining about the scrolling in lion and mountain lion? That was the thing I absolutely hated about Snow leopard, It was not natural scrolling. I am glad they changed it.

  8. If you still need I can pass you a download link.

  9. i really like the blue apple logo in the top menu 🙂

  10. I know this post was made a year ago, but hell yeah, I agree. OS X Mountain Lion is even more poor.

    10.4 was the OS X version I like best. Next is snow leopard, since it's fast, quick and works.

  11. Yeah, the code was cross platform, but it wasn't compiled to run on those.

  12. there was a project called darwin it is the same just no ui

  13. Maybe it’s just me, but I miss the stripes.

  14. are you using sheep shaver?

  15. I think that Mountain Lion is little better than Lion because it has some of the lost 'Classic' Features.

  16. I did notice that, in a more recent update 😀 glad to see they still care for us "old-school people"… even though I'm not even 20 yet lol


  18. I think he's being sarcastic. That kind of stuff doesn't go over well on the Internet.

  19. There's a program called PearPC that can apparently emulate PPC versions of OS X. Not sure how well it runs or even if it runs on Mac OS X itself. Either way it would be kinda pointless. But yeah, unfortunately there is otherwise no way to use old versions of OS X with his computer. It's too new XD

  20. Oh yes, I've seen it… truly is the wrath of God upon us computer users who actually know how to use one… I lost faith in Windows a long time ago anyways.

  21. It's really lame like that… but at least it's not as bad as Windows 8. If you haven't seen it, look it up. It's pretty bad.

  22. I really don't like how Apple's trying to shoehorn iOS features into Lion and Mountain Lion. They don't fit on a computer. iOS is for portable touchscreen devices that lack the power to do serious work. Not for computers.

  23. Essentially this was neXT OS with a prettier UI. If you actually look at old footage of neXT's software, you'll see the file browser was exactly the same! I find it amusing lol

    And I agree, I'm not a fan of the "no scrollbars" thing Lion. Why there can't be an option, is beyond me…

  24. I'm not wrong. Apple did INTERNALLY develop the early versions of Mac OS X for Intel, but never released those versions to the public. If that had been the case, the public would have known about Mac OS X's "secret double life" since its inception.

  25. Actually, you're wrong. In the intel keynote in 2005, he said they were cross platform "Just in case"

  26. lol.. you sound like a windowsuser !!!!
    PUMA was one of the first mac os x versions you dumbass! it was like a "start" for mac! you unknown fuck.

  27. Well, Windows = Scary Blue screen of death D: Mac = A colorful beach ball! 😀

  28. Thank you for the information. Sadly, I see the only way is to purchase an older mac… Need to find one the justifies… (always wanted an iMac G5… :D).

  29. Unfortunately not. Older versions of Mac OS X were not compiled for Intel processors. And even though Tiger ran on Intel Macs, the retail discs were never made universal (because people with Intel Macs could rely on their Restore discs). Leopard was the first and only install disc to be made universal.

  30. Hello! I've been wanting to work with Mac OS X 10.1 again (or perhaps 10.3). Is it possible to install it on an external HD and then use that external drive on a macbook late 2010? Thank you.

  31. If you won't get lion cuz of the scroll bars, you can go into system pref. and choose "always show scroll bars", that is what I did.

  32. Mac OS X Puma at 2012 😀

  33. My god use newer software.. PowerPC is old -_-

  34. Does Firefox 1 run well on it? 🙂

  35. Lion and Mountain Lion is to much iOS.. i don't like these Touch things on a computer. Tiger is the best Mac, because it runs fast on a Intel and PPC Machine. and it has the Best Design.

  36. @MarcBookPro autosave and versions are functions enough, that with the time machine interface would be breaking news in the tech world had it come a fewer years back on something like tiger or leopard, its just that these days we take these for granted but are still some solid features nonetheless, and scroll bars are plain ugly

  37. Will you go to mountain lion

  38. You can go to system preferences and make the scroll bar show

  39. @slv22do Totally agree. Panther and Tiger were the pinnacle for me. Leopard was the first Mac OS I didn't really like the interface of. I love Snow Leopard for the fact it is insanely stable and fast. My main machine is still running Snow Leopard. We'll see what happens when Mountain Lion comes out.