OS X 10.10 Yosemite Hands On Video Walkthrough 'N Action

Hands-on with Apple’s latest desktop operating system, OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Video walkthrough of all the new features on Mac.

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  1. If you don't like the look of your DOCK. Change it. pcclassesonline.com will teach you how you can easily make your icons & dock look pretty. Personally I don't mind how it looks, it's what it does & how it does it that matters most, So, STOP YA BITCHIN about looks. Like most things in life, isn't it whats on the inside that counts?!

  2. Ugly, ugly, ugly!
    First off, Is it just me or is the dock UGLY with that basic square frosted glass look compared to the previous version with animated magnify effect in the previous OS X.  More ugliness is apparent with the look of what is found on the portable os 8 devices.  I love my powerful and beautiful 27" iMac and it is more expensive for a reason, on the same note  i don't admire our iphone 5s and ipad because they are far too basic, and now some apps on yosemite are now made to look the same which now makes my iMac look more basic.  They went backwards in design!!!!  
    Also, im not sure if they are considering the fact that other users in the house with iphones may not want to integrate and share with other peoples iMacs.  There might be a privacy issue here.  And sorry, as much as i love my iMac, I am sticking with my android phone!!!

  3. The new dock looks absolute shit

  4. I think it's fucking ugly. I miss snow leopard

  5. ผมไม่ชอบยูไอใหม่

  6. So excited about the new features!! but I must admit…. I am not a fan of the new dock … I like how the icons sit on top of the shelf currently instead of being embedded in the dock. Oh well… can't wait to download the beta version for the public 🙂

  7. nurd, you are so, so slow

  8. This will be a huge release. Looking forward to it!

  9. the icon look ugly, look similar with windows vista
    the flat design resemble with windows 8

  10. que porqueria mas bsaura para apple veamos q sucede

  11. third time in a row osx has looked slightly worse?,snow leopard was better looking than anything after it, a flat dock? like in uhm tiger, or panther even, i love my 3d dock… the graphic design of macs is a huge part of their user friendliness, now it just looks more and more like quickly design flyer pamphlet….. i'll be sticking with mavericks and wishing i could go back to snowleopard visuals…. <shakes head walking away.

  12. I kinda don't like the new dock well I don't really like the overall look. I mean it's okay and quite clean but the dock reminds me of older versions of OS X and I did prefer the slanted dock. Plus the whole look is just really ios 7 and ios 8 put together with some windows 8 features ): please don't hate on me it is just my opinion

  13. is the cursor design or the Beachball different??

  14. I've got it.. and I HATE it!!! Really ugly… wtf is wrong with apple? xD
    It looks like a toysrus…. omg ;/

  15. I'm glad it's free thank god

  16. Is this the public beta or dev preview?

  17. fuck that think ill  stick with mavericks   this looks  like a cheap android  phone

  18. OS X has been out for over a decade. How long before you realize it's not called o-ex-ex?  😀
    Once again…. it's a Roman numeral, X = 10.
    It's pronounced 10 in EVERY Apple video that mentions it. O_o

  19. I am a big fan of Apple's design, but I'm not sure do I like this new look. Probably I need to wait and try.

  20. Hmmm. FUwargaming. I guess the new design is just not as cool as playing war games in yr mom's basement…..

  21. Is this going to be free like mavericks?

  22. Just give us "old"/current dock theme option…

  23. i think it looks good

  24. Looks cheap, like a kids version.

  25. why are people so picky!  "omg, the dock is so ugly, i'm not going to upgrade just because of the dock and stay on mavericks".

    ………………you guys have issues, seriously, always complaining, be grateful you even have a computer to use

  26. Is it just me or is the Finder icon on the Apple website for the OS X Yosemite preview than the one shown here? I wonder if Apple redesigned the Finder icon for later betas

  27. What happened to the icon animations when you hover the curser over them????!!!!! That was a mac signature, hope its still there!


  29. I like the new design overall, and the new notification centre/handoff/SMS and phone call integration is fantastic, but that Finder icon looks like it was made for 6 year olds.

  30. Am I going to be able to drop music from my MacBook on to my iPhone with iCloud?

  31. how did you get yosemite soooooo early

  32. Ughhh the dock is so ugly!

  33. 2:41 Apple brought back settings for extensions. Haven't seen that since Mac OS 9

  34. TEN!!!!!! OS TEN!!!!!!!!! not x.

  35. Where did the fullscreen button go..