OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview 1: In-Depth Review

An In-Depth look at the Developer Preview 1 of Apple’s new Operating System, OS X Mountain Lion, or 10.8.

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  1. And you're quite obnoxious!

  2. Dude…its OS X…google it

  3. You say OS Ten, I say OS Eks

  4. Ah I see, they took some stuff from ubuntu too.

  5. @ARSALAN877 I have an Apple Developer subscription.

  6. I really want the Notes app!

  7. If u add a widget to dashboard there is a new layout as well.

  8. @virginboy92 hahahahha it's a common mistake, I say OS X (EX) all the time too.

  9. @virginboy92 Ikr? I keep making that mistake its a habit I promise you I am trying to stop! 😛 Thanks so much though!

  10. dude, its os TEN and NOT EX !! OS TEN MOUNTAIN LION, TEN TEN TEN !!, please get it right, otherwise a great vid 🙂