OSX El Capitan VS. MacOS Sierra – Macbook Pro macOS Speed Test – 10.11 vs 10.12

Apple Mac MacBook Speed test / boot test: El Capitan VS. MacOS Sierra 10.11 vs 10.12 — Find out which one is faster. mac os speed test / compare mac os x operating systems! Please like and SUBSCRIBE!

NOTE: this test is done on a 2011/2012 macbook pro, but OS speed tests / results would also apply on an iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, etc!

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  1. Everyone says that those computers need ssd, seems to be right but not in every case. My Macbook pro unibody mid 2012 was still slow with ssd and clean installation

  2. How cares about speed, what about stability, reliability, and ease of use. Which one is better not just faster?

  3. Were they both clean installed.. erased drives?

  4. My Mac has been off for years and I just downloaded it and it work even start up ): 2012 MacBook Pro btw

  5. You should put your machine’s config out

  6. what about space on the hard drive? are they equal? what about tasks running in the backgroung? equal?

  7. Hello I’m sure I’m so late in this video but by any chance can you help get Sierra on my Mac Pro is the same one from this video I’m on el capitano but I don’t know how to get Sierra is not on my App Store.
    Any help?

  8. hi
    what's the fastest os for macbook pro late 2012 please ??

  9. Did you buy two macbooks just for the video? 🙂

  10. This is the best video so far.

  11. Only problem is that OSX Sierra has "windows 10'd" and now tells you what apps you can use and what they want you to use (not that Mac hadn't already done that) Like Office 2011…cant use it…gotta get "365" or 2016. Older apps you payed alot of money for…are not "upgradeable" so I stuck with Capitan for the sake of overall usability and slapped an SSD in there. All good.

  12. We can hear Chris Tomlin in the back ground.
    God’s great dancefloor!!! Amazing!!!


  13. i installed mac os catalania and now i can't even get nito pc

  14. Bruh my Windows 10 PC I built boots faster than an iPad.

  15. So many Mac is versions but what's the difference it looks the same

  16. tiene mucho que ver los programas que tienes instalados en mac os x el capitán y en Sierra….. si en os x Capitan tienes muchos programas instaladas va a ir mucho mas lento que sierra

  17. Thanks for the test! You made up my mind.

  18. Thanks for the work and sharing. Now, those macs have old mechanics hard disks and over time, they loose significant reading and writing speeds so the big question for me is, did you run some test to the hard drives to check they are similar when it comes to reading speeds at least?

  19. how much RAM you have. Mine takes 3 seconds

  20. I need to repair my 2010 MacBook so it can run Sierra (it's just as capable as the newest Macs, after all it's 2.4GHz)

  21. Is this MacBook pro 13 A1278 7.1 ????

  22. El Capitan is pronounced el-capi-tan, not el captain.

  23. macbook pro 13 2015 mac os 10.11 or 10.12. pls help me

  24. I have a mid 2009 MacBook Pro OS EL Capitan and I can’t really do anything, how can I upgrade

  25. God damn please swap that shit out for an ssd I have to press double time on your double time

  26. High Sierra or Sierra for mid 2012 13" inch model ? What would you recommend

  27. I'm kind of appalled by the comments. These things both boot very fast

  28. You sir, got slow macs, giving them a bad name

  29. How much RAM do you have in those?

  30. thanks for your video! would you mind doing a Sierra vs high Sierra for the same mid 2012 non retina MacBook Pro? Still considering wether to update my mid 2012 13 inch to high Sierra. What do you think? Is high Sierra better than Sierra?