Pathfinder: WotR – Swarm RAZES Chilly Creek & Pulura's Fall (Swarm – Act 5)

In this video I show the Swarm terrorizing the citizens foolish enough to stay in Drezen.


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Pathfinder: WOTR is an isometric single-player role-playing story game currently in development by Russian studio Owlcat Games and published by Deep Silver, based on Paizo Publishing’s Pathfinder franchise. Announced through a Kickstarter campaign in February 2020, the game will be released for PC, Microsoft Windows, and macOS on September 4, 2021. A console version for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X Gameplay, PS5, PS5 Gameplay, Playstation 5, Playstation 5 Gameplay, will be released at a later date. The game is a sequel to Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

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In WOTR the realm of Sarkoris was destroyed when Areelu Vorlesh opened a rift to the abyssal planes of existence, and hordes of demons invaded the world of Golarion. Led by the evil Demon Lords Deskari, Baphomet, and Nocticula, the abyssal forces crushed all who stood against them, turning Sarkoris into a demon‑infested land now known as the Worldwound. Join the Crusade against the demonic invasion and rise as a new hero wielding unimaginable powers in this classic CRPG. The fate of this world lies in your hands.

Pathfinder has dozens of classes and subclasses with thousands of abilities, feats, spells, talents, and buffs to choose from. The spell listing allows you to choose from Evocation (Damage Dealing), Enchantment (Crowd Control), Necromancy (Undead), Abjuration (Buffs), Illusion (Crowd Control), Divination (Buffs/Disruptor), and Conjuration (Summoning). This is combined with an insane amount of class/subclass options including Alchemist, Arcanist, Barbarian, Bard, Bloodrager, Cavalier, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Hunter, Inquisitor, Kineticist, Magus, Monk, Oracle, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Shaman, Skald, Slayer, Sorcerer, Warpriest, Witch, and Wizard! It is Owlcat’s goal to give each of these classes at least 5 subclasses each!

Choose your Mythic Path and embody an Angel, Demon, merciless Lich, wily Trickster, superhero Azata, law incarnate Aeon, truly evil Swarm, merciful Gold Dragon, or forgo all of them to stand alone as a Legend. Each path will allow you to improve your hero in unique ways, adding a new layer to character development and making your hero and their allies a true match for their powerful enemies.

You will command the Fifth Crusade and govern the Crusade system. Lead your crusade during tactical combat battles in a turn based mode inspired by the Heroes of Might and Magic series. You will command armies, grant them powerful bonuses, and deploy rituals to succeed. As your generals levels up they will gain access to new buffs, spells, feats, talents, and abilities. Your chosen Mythic Path will also open up new options such as calling angels to your side and using zombies to attack your foes. Your units and how they gain power will also be guided by the decisions you make. From ruthless Hell Knights to benevolent priests you have a wide array of allies who will answer the call for battle.

There are more than a dozen potential party members in the game including Camellia (Half-Elf/Spirit Hunter), Seelah (Human/Paladin), Lann (Mongrel/Zen Archer), Ember (Elf/Stigmatized Witch), Arueshalae (Succubus/Espionage Expert), Woljif (Tiefling/Eldritch Scoundrel), Daeran (Aasimar/Oracle), Sosiel (Human/Cleric), Regil (Gnome/Hellknight), Wenduag (Mongrel/Fighter), Nenio (Kitsune/Scroll Savant), Greybor (Dwarf/Slayer). All of these companions have their own backgrounds, alignments, and motivations. All of them are fully voice acted with unique character models. There are even more followers that are locked behind specific story/mythic quest options!

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  1. Love your content and voice acting!

  2. The Swarm is all about consumption and hate. This is definitely the Twitter path.

  3. Should have done the 'Snap' sound for EXTRA EFFECT

  4. " Damn nature, yo scary !"

  5. Someone has got to have beaten me to this point, but this path is perfect for a Karrigan queen of blades build.

  6. I complete understand why even ember go away in the swarm mythic path …. this is crazy

  7. I want to try the swarm but man I felt awful even at the end of the lich run idk if I can handle murdering everybody haha

  8. You enjoy this too much.

  9. Thanos as Swarm, hilarious! Nice. hehehehe

  10. Dude, I love your voice acting, your videos are fun to watch.

  11. of course you picked thanos, good choice

  12. Those scrawny fishermen, their husks lacked nurishment!