Con Noi

Con Noi

Con Noi is an island belonged to the sea of Ninh Binh province. The habitat area of Bai Ngang – Con Noi in Kim Son was recognized by UNESCO as the World Biosphere Reserves in Red River Delta as well as became the coastal economic zone of Ninh Binh. Con Noi is developing to become a tourist destination and a tourist urban type V in the future based on Ninh Binh urban planning.


Con Noi, Kim Son has an area of nearly 1000ha, 4km from Binh Minh 4 sea dike (Ninh Binh) and 5km from Buoy No 0, Day gate.Con Noi is located at the latitude of 19 ° 53’50 “North latitude and 106 ° 00’35” east latitude. From Ninh Binh city, along the national highway No.10, you go 27km more to the southeast to come to Phat Diem town. You continue to go along the national highway No. 12B to the south 15km to Kim Son beach to reach Con Noi.

The distance from Con Noi to the surrounding areas:

  • Ninh Binh city: 44km
  • Tam Diep city: 35km
  • Phat Diem city: 24km
  • Binh Minh town: 10km
  • Sam Son beach: 21km
  • Thinh Long beach: 21km
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Con Noi was formed by the alluvial accretion in Day river and has been exploited since 2003 by a sailor named Tran Van Thong, who was born in Ninh Binh. When his fishing boat ran aground here, he discovered this land, and then proposed to the local to apply for the project to plant Casuarina to break the waves and aquaculturing here.

Near Con Noi is Con Mo island which is also belonged to Ninh Binh province, 5km from Kim Son beach to the southeast, with the area of nearly 3km2. It is being exploited to plant the mangrove forest on the island and the breaking wave forest in surrounding.

Tourism Potentials in Con Noi

Kim Son has 18km coastal sea which is located between 2 big rivers: Day river and Can river with tectonic changes occuring strongly. All the area of Bai Ngang includes Binh Minh town, communes: Kim Dong, Kim Hai, Kim Trung, Con Noi island and Ninh Binh sea which was recognized as the World Biosphere Reserves. In here, the nature and the life is very wild and diverse, which is convenient for developing the type of rural eco-tourism. The landscape of the coastal area on Kim Son Beach in Ninh Binh’s tourism plan includes beach, protection forest, Con Noi and Con Mo islands, Day river, the landscape of sea dike, the area of aquaculture and fishery.

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The area of Bai Ngang – Con Noi Kim Son has a great potential in eco-tourism, visiting and exploring about the natural world. Con Noi is the habitant of about 200 kinds of bird including nearly 60 species of migratory birds and more than 50 species of water birds as well as many other precious birds which are listed in the World Red Book. The special landscape here is the thousands of hectares of mangroves, salt marshes, coastal mudflats and estuaries. The forests look like the green wall protecting the nature from being destroyed by storms, sea level rising and maybe tsunami in the future.

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