Dong Chuong lake

Dong Chuong lake

Newly built and developed in a few years, Dong Chuong lake – Ninh Binh is attracting many tourists by its wild and unexploited beauty with mountains, rivers and pine trees stretching endless as a painting.

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About Dong Chuong lake

Dong Chuong lake is a natural lake which is located between 2 communes of Phu Loc and Phu Long in Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province.

The area of the lake’s surface is about 45ha, winding around the pine forests and the perimeter is nearly 6km. Compared to Dong Thai lake and Ky Lan lake, Dong Chuong lake is quite far from the city center. It is the buffer area of Cuc Phuong national park so the landscape in the lake is very wild and quiet. Surrounding the lake is the pine forests creating a cool and poetic space in the middle of the jungle and mountains.

Dong Chuong lake via Panoramio

Near Dong Chuong lake are Ba Tua waterfall, Chin Suoi stream and Troi pond – a pond on the high hill with clear green water and never dry.

Since 2008, Ninh Binh tourism has developed the eco-tourism in Dong Chuong lake including many constructions: The areas of cruises, entertainment, stilt houses, sport, camping in the glade, golf course, greenery and roads.

Nowadays, Trang An golf course with the scale of 36 holes next to Dong Chuong lake and Cuc Phuong Resort and Spa have been put into operation to serve for tourists.

Dong Chuong lake – the dreaming beauty attracting tourists

The way to Dong Chuong lake is shaded by the pine trees on two sides. The high pine hills create a comfortable and cool space each time the tourists coming here. To visit Dong Chuong lake, you can walk; go by motorbike or electric car.

The beauty of Dong Chuong lake is more outstanding than that of Ky Lan lake, May Xay lake, Lam Nghiep lake, Bien Bach lake and Canh Dieu lake – which are considered as 5 green pearls in Ninh Binh city being suffered from the strong pressure of urban development.

The lake is very wide and winding. The empty lands next to the lake will help us experience many amazing things as well as discover the wild beauty of the lake. Surrounding the lake is the endless pine hills creating a comfortable space for tourists to relax and rest.

Dong Chuong lake via Du lich Ninh Binh

The small boats will take you around Dong Chuong lake. At the sightseeing halls, the tourists will feel free to admire the dreaming beauty of the lake.

Along the lakeside, you will see the rich flora; sometimes you can see some porcupines and bird nests in the green grove. The durable stilt houses are the ideal place for you to relax. In here, you can enjoy some famous Ninh Binh specialties such as Goat meat or Burn rice. The sunlight shining through the high pine trees surely will be a good place for visitors to take photographs.

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