Public Inc. | #EFF2020: A Holiday Campaign (Censored)

Public Inc. | #EFF2020: A Holiday Campaign (Censored)

Everyone agrees: the year 2020 could not have been worse. So, we decided to give it the send-off it deserves.

Instead of giving corporate gifts this year, we’re using our holiday gift-giving budget to make a donation of $2,020 to The Mental Health Coalition and the Black Health Alliance, instead. Because the best way to say 🖕you to 2020 is by making sure that people have the mental health support they need in 2021. Join us. Let’s end this year on a F*%&ing high note.

Text 🖕 to 1-877-EFF-THIS (1-877-333-8447) and join us in making a donation to The Mental Health Coalition. Because #EFF2020. It was the worst.

Please note: standard text messaging and/or data rates may apply.
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A BIG thank you to all the partners who helped bring this together:
Production: Station Films
Directed: Brendan Gibbons
Music: Ari Posner
Sound Mixing: Andres Villarreal
Concept, Script, Editing, Social: Public Inc.

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  1. watching this again because i STILL feel like this

  2. This is so amazing. I love everything about this!!!!!

  3. Fuck 15 people who thumbs down this.

  4. ffff…………ing hilarious 🙂

  5. I think the censored version is almost funnier. Thanks for wrapping up this year for us so perfectly.

  6. Here because of TikTok

  7. This should be viral. It’s viral on tiktok 😫

  8. Ouch. What’s with the kiwi hate…

  9. The Tree Overlord

    FUCK YOU 2020


  10. I. LOVE. THIS. Thank you!