Marilyn made an OnlyFans and a lot you guys wanna know my thoughts..
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  1. The ladies would
    Love your only fans lol. Do it!

  2. Ngl I seen this news I had to go check it out cause Marilyn is 🔥 🤷‍♂️

  3. Odd. Didnt think she would go there. She has the right weird personality to be a youtuber.

  4. Class act Doug. Hard to hate on you

  5. You made a great decision dumping her since shes on onlyfans

  6. It emotionally affected me , proceeds to talk about ex only fans

  7. Get your self a hotter and younger women brother

  8. Bro your exs only have all this clout cause if you

  9. Hey Censor can we be friends? I live in LI as well 🙂

  10. Doug + Girl = views

  11. She used you for clout

  12. Such a fücking tool lmfao

  13. Lmao “no nudity” 🗑

  14. no you are not a girl

  15. You are an absolute nobody

  16. Man. The fact she sells her pics for money says a lot about how she is. I don’t get how you get with these type of girls since you really seem the opposite and actually have morals. Not everything is about looks my dude. She might have a ass but the brain is def not there.

  17. Both ex’s are doing onlyfans smh 🤦‍♂️ find some good ones Censor instead of gold diggers

  18. lmaooooooooooooooooooo

  19. Doug in my opinion keep your relationship private especially cause you have such a big audience. Something I never understood was how a guy is okay with his girlfriend posting on onlyfans. Just doesn’t make sense in my head. I’m young but old school where my and my girlfriend are exclusively for each other. If You’re single do as you please

  20. This dude is a walking L. Mans got no sauce

  21. Thats my boi doug wit that good content again 😎 keep it up!

  22. Great guy man 😂 she low-key kinda used your fame to profit/start a business from it lol but you don’t seem to care and have a mature approach. I am a bit pissed though Doug you promised me a lot more YouTube content and I don’t see it, will have to hook up the Twitch stream. All the best as per.

  23. Don't let this distract you from the fact that Doug dumped one of the hottest Latinas to play COD 🥶

  24. Still smashed

  25. You should invest in a gym and open up ur own business

  26. George Washington

    I don’t think his game has gotten better idk how he hasn’t improved

  27. George Washington

    I mean they broke up none of his business

  28. Yo Doug you gonna make a onlyfans

  29. great advertisment

  30. Nahhhhh bro u should keep personal stuff private. You really shouldn’t be pressed to the point of talking about your ex’s decisions.. to thousands of teenagers. kinda weird. Just move on… and if you have and you’re just using this to get views.. wow. Even cringier somehow. This isn’t any of your business, literally, so you really don’t have a right speaking on it. And this is coming from someone who thinks OnlyFans is the cringiest thing ever.

  31. Bro who still plays cod?

  32. Bro your trying to live a boring life. She wasn’t with that. Go out and have some fun

  33. Level up. stop being the nice guy.
    You are the prize!

  34. You really can’t be mad at the women who make this easy money. The problem is really all the damn simps that have never touched a woman that throw their paychecks at the women that don’t give 2 shits about them

  35. Censor u gotta be single. U fall hard for these girls and then they fuck up and then u lose everything u built and u fall off

  36. Who wakes up one days and says “yup I want to be a peon star”??

  37. It’s sucks I can see you’re hurt. but Fr what you saying is facts. Sorry how these girls ruin you but you’re hella strong hang in there.

  38. Haha my other ex was posting for free on insta 😂😂

  39. painful to watch

  40. 3 minutes in no fucking story dog what r u even saying

  41. 6Draconian6Wiccan6

    See you in vanguard scrub🖤