Redmi Note 10 Pro + Android 12 (Pixel 6 Experience) = 🔥🔥 || (OverView + Installation)

Obsessed with Pixel 6 Android 12 UI. Install Android 12
on Redmi Note 10 Pro which brings a Stock Pixel 6 Experience.
This is quick overview of pixel extended rom based on
android 12 running on Redmi note 10 pro (Sweet).

In this video i am going to show you how to install android 12
on Redmi Note 10 pro that transforms your phone in to
pixel 6 device. Using this guide you can install any android 12
rom on your Redmi note 10 pro.

Note – The custom rom that you are installing on your Redmi
note 10 pro needs a clean installation, meaning everything
on your device should be erased before installing any android
12 custom rom to run properly. SO please backup any important
data present inside your device to somewhere and try.
Do not blame me if this tutorial damages your device,
proceed at your own risk.


Any Android 11 Rom is needed to fix
error 1 issue while flashing android 12
rom on RN10 Pro with unofficial TWRP recovery

Download Android 12 ROM:


Disable Force Encrypter :

Platform tools :

Google USB Driver To Fix Fastboot Issue

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