Restore macOS on an Apple Silicon M1 Mac! + Boot to DFU Mode Deep Dive Tutorial – MacBook Pro & Air!

This video is a Deep Dive Tutorial showing how how restore macOS just like you can with iOS with Apple Configurator! I will show you how to boot your Apple Silicon Mac into DFU Mode so you can Restore macOS in under 10 minutes! This video will go over all of the things you will need to know.

Restore macOS Firmware on an Apple Silicon Mac + Boot to DFU Mode

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I will go over how to restore macOS on your new Apple Silicon Mac. Your first line of defense for installing macOS on Apple Silicon should be macOS Recovery. But if for some reason you are having problems with that you can boot your Apple Silicon Mac with a Big Sur USB installer drive. I wrote an article covering all the changes to macOS Recovery here.

Order of that you should follow for reinstalling macOS on Apple Silicon.

1. macOS Recovery
2. System Recovery – (Will boot automatically if macOS Recovery is unavailable)
3. macOS Big Sur USB Installer Drive – (External boot for macOS Installers is enabled by default on Apple Silicon)
4. Apple Configurator 2 REVIVE option – This option will reinstall macOS Recovery (retains user data on the SSD hard drive)
5. Apple Configurator 2 RESTORE option – This option will Reinstall macOS Recovery, ERASE your SSD hard drive and reinstall macOS
Apple has just posted a new articles on macOS recovery, booting to DFU mode and how to restore macOS Firmware.

Revive or restore a Mac with Apple silicon with Apple Configurator 2
Apple Silicon M1 Mac Mini
Apple Silicon M1 MacBook Air
Apple Silicon M1 MacBook Pro 13″

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– Apple Mac Enterprise IT Blog & macOS News for MacAdmins


Mac Transition to Apple Silicon Everything you need to know!

New Article How to reinstall macOS on your Apple Silicon Mac

macOS ISPW Firmware Database – Download Full macOS ISPW Files!

MacOS Big Sur Index of need to know changes! (UPDATED)

macOS System Status (Issues) – OS, Xprotect & App Version Database

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  1. This video is a deep dive into everything that you might need to know about restoring macOS using DFU mode on a 2nd Mac. I go over the cables that you need, the OS requirements, Apple Configurator 2, ISPW files and where to download them and troubleshooting. Let me know if you have any questions!

  2. Will this allow me to get Tails onto M1 Mac please? Booting from usb? Thanks??

  3. Could I boot Tails from usb if I did this ? Cheers

  4. Hello, I downloaded the M1 ipsw file from your link to restore my mac and it shows this. What can I do. Pls I need your help to restore my MacBook Pro M1. I saw where you explained on your YouTube page and you said something about “private” but I cannot seem to get around it. Pls help

  5. This video was very useful to help us get my wife's new MacBook Air up and running when the migration from her MacBook Air 2014 failed. We ended up having to wipe the new MacBook Air and then we had problems reestablishing the MacOS on the new machine. Once we used Mr. Macintosh's connection to the latest ipsw firmware, we were able to quickly get her new MacBook Air up and running. She is now a very happy "camper".

  6. You are the man Thank you for always being so descriptive on your videos it always works the way you say it does thank you

  7. I am looking at this "5. Apple Configurator 2 RESTORE option – This option will Reinstall macOS Recovery, ERASE your SSD hard drive and reinstall macOS" does this mean I don't have to worry about erasing Macintosh HD and deleting the Data file? BOTH of those things are done automatically in this Configurator 2 Restore process?

  8. Thank you Mr for the time you took to make this video !

  9. Many thanks.. you helped me restore my dead Mac. Very helpful God bless you 🌹🌹

  10. Thanks for the detailed video. Worked like charm with restoring macbook pro m1 with mac mini m1. Again thanks

  11. Please help…I keeping getting a 4013 error. I have tried the Revive and Restore numerous times. Thank you.

  12. Hi Mr Macintosh, thanks for your video. i encountered an error of the ipsw file can’t be read.. when i tried to drag and drop it on the apple configurator 2.. i downloaded the macos 11.5.1 ipsw file.. how do i solve this issue

  13. Are the any restriction on the mac boot that install Apple COnfiguration 2? Can I use Macbook Air 2013 (only one I have)?

  14. Thank you , You save my life!!!!!!

  15. Wow can you come teach my college courses?!

    Computer problems stress me out big time, but you made everything seem so straightforward and easy. Thank you so much.

  16. It’s 4 in the morning and I’ve been trying to fix my m1 since 8pm….. thank you so much.

  17. Excellent. Mr. Macintosh can you confirm whether the same combination to enter DFU mode works or not now?

  18. The meat of it starts @ 8:00

  19. Your explanation and tutorial are very clear and easy to understand and follow. 👍🏼

  20. Worth to watching 👍🏻✌️

  21. Hi, I have a problem. When I start the process of installing my MacBook, at about 50 minutes before the end of the installation, it suddenly shuts down and does not turn on.Maybe you know what to do in such a situation?

  22. Hi, The installation process on my MacBook starts, but when the installation is almost complete, it turns off and does not turn on. Maybe you know what to do in this situation?

  23. Hi. I’m getting an error while restoring the MacBook: “Failed to restore device in DFU mode.” I haven’t found anything about this error online. Please, if anyone knows what to do I would be eternally grateful!

    Also I can’t get into the options screen (recovery mode I think?). The MacBook used to be able to get in there before, yet when I used the Apple Configurator and got the previously mentioned error, the Mac just got stuck on the support screen, I can’t get it to do anything else now. Trying not to cry here, this was my first MacBook and I’ve only had it for a few months.

    Please, please, please, if someone could guide me through what to do to fix that.

  24. So grateful for this—God bless.

  25. Does the second Mac also need to be M1/Apple Silicon? Or can it be an Intel Mac? I wanna ask a friend if I can borrow theirs so I can downgrade mine but it's Intel…

  26. and my keyboard is confusing is in japanese

  27. my mac won't boot into DFU, and internet recovery keeps given me the error and formating using usb flash drives also give me the error

  28. Hi! Im have the same issues with M1 errors and I don’t have any other MacBook and anyone with one. If I still have the warranty can I send it?
    Thank you! 😭

  29. So does the other MBA need to have an M1 also ? Is there a problem if it has an intel chip?

  30. I can’t get into boot options either and it boots up as soon as I press any button I’m trying to update from 11.2.2 to 11.2.3

  31. My operation failed. Later, I found a key point. You must keep pressing the power button for 1-2 seconds, and then press other key combinations. I was successful like this. You can try

  32. I keep getting "step 2 of 4 down loading documents" after I tried the down load method of the IPSW, I think it only downloaded the link, it's nowhere near the speed of yours. I am between a MacBook Pro 2012 to M1 air. The problem started when I tried to migrate the two. The new computer asked for password but would not take the one I set. So I restarted M1 and ended up here. If I cannot reboot the system how do I get the password off the new computer T2?

  33. I really hoped they would have improved this process with apple silicon. On the plus side there's no more SMC, so it does reduce the PITA of those processes being similar for users and support staff. But still… apple, just urgh. I get it can't just be "Press "D+F+U" at startup or people's cats would be putting their macs into DFU all the time, but does it have to be this complicated really?

  34. Hey I got this error when trying to install macOS bigsur on my iMac what should i do ?

  35. Lonet3ch on Instagram helped Bypass my Mac. Thanks to the person who recommended him to me.

  36. way more helpful then all the Apple Customer Service Employees I talked to! Good Job and thank you!

  37. Thank you very much. it helped a lot

  38. Great. Appreciate the instructions, I didn't appreciate the 7 ads all at crucial moments while trying to follow along though.



  41. Hello Mr. Macintosh, if I already have a bootable drive with Big Sur 11.1 installer, and I try to boot on that Mac, it will work?

  42. How are you supposed to do this if you don’t have a second Mac?

  43. Hello. My m1 computer just boots up. And then I can’t do anything. Please help

  44. Thanks a lot! you are a life saver.