Saagar Enjeti: PROOF Biden Censored Critics On Social Media

Saagar Enjeti: PROOF Biden Censored Critics On Social Media

Saagar looks at the proof shared by journalist Alex Berenson that the Biden administration successfully pressured Twitter into censoring him after he became a prominent covid policy critic

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  1. Have any of you mother fuckers even read the book. You included saagar. Though I don't agree with censorship 1984 I'd more about surveillance of everyday life than censoring on social media. You comparisons are pretty sad interms of the actual depth of consequences for speaking against a group in power under such a surveillance and propaganda state. These buzz word click bait bullshit you use this book for is just exacerbating tensions from the far right who are increasingly paranoid not only based off their politics but their religion or superstitions like the apocolypse scenarios we see based of our own climate catastrophy

  2. I get that Psaki and Biden and whoever are trying to silence their opponents. It's a way to win. Doesn't make them good, but I get it. What I don't get is how "we" let them get away with it. All but the most ardent partisans should have been up in arms. This should have been a major political misstep covered by every news organization as way out of bounds.

    And if they had been right about stuff, then maybe they could have gotten away with it to some degree. But all that "misinformation" just turned out to be spoiler alerts. It was basically, "silence the people who are right about stuff."

  3. Completely agree. However, I don't think that Government (Tha Swamp) and the "mainstream" Media is going to change their ways because they believe they are smarter than the rest and must remain powerful enough to force us all to do as they say.

  4. Biden is the most evil man. He is destroying our county’s rights.

  5. I'm glad Alex won and is continuing the fight. His theories on marijuana causing mental health issues aren't founded in concrete science. He's unable to prove that using marijuana alone causes things like schizophrenia in people. He may be right but there's no undeniable proof yet.

  6. 1984 has been here ever since you can update content on the internet. I think it news agencies should be strictly limited to their editing capabilities on their pages or posts. I don't think as a reporter you should be allowed to delete a social media post.

  7. The ruling class and their servants treat us like cattle, because they fear us. Their days in charge of the world are numbered. We will build our unions to full strength, and challenge them in a revolutionary upsurge that will decide the fate of humanity. Stay tuned.

  8. The overwhelming majority of misinformation and intentional disinformation I received regarding the topic of COVID came directly from corporate media and politicians like Biden.

  9. Saagar, I wear a mask in public because I don't want to freely exhale viruses and bacteria that will make other people sick.

  10. A shitty decrepid, senile, memory losing, pants shitting, censoring Biden… is still… slightly better than Trump or Desantis.

  11. Such an important topic! Saagar is fabulous as usual!!

  12. What did Alex get wrong?

  13. Individual promoted media on YouTube such as Yahoo and 11Alive are also practicing heavy censorship of people, there should be a place to call media organizations that stifle free speech out. Instead of them getting away with constantly doing it to Americans in the shadows.

  14. Democrats are facist. That includes Krystal.

  15. Alex Berenson was more right about covid and vaccines than anyone of you who were afraid of getting de-platformed.

  16. I have an aversion to social media in part because so many people like to judge and criticize others, which just gets ugly. So, I have nothing to do with Twitter, and am on Facebooks only a few times per year. I do, however, rely heavily on YouTube, (hence the comment here).
    I'm a never Trumper, and so, even though I had a strong preference for Bernie, I voted for Biden in order to end the madness at 2100 Pennsylvania Avenue. (Yes, I used to live near D.C.)
    It was obvious just before Super Tuesday, with Obama strongarming candidates to drop out so as to help Biden, that the Dems were bound and determined to jam Joe down our throats. This just confirms my suspicions.

  17. Dr. Frankensteen.

    But but but I thought Trump and Republicans were a danger to democracy? The Biden administration told me so 🙄

  18. the best part about being a conspiracy theorist is you don't end up with myocarditis

  19. And this is why you have to vote Republican. As batshit crazy as they can be, and aside from being against abortion, they seem more likely to stay out of censoring American citizens.

  20. Youtube, Reddit, and Facebook acted horribly these last two years.

  21. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Brandon back at it again

  22. Terra Thunderstorms

    "Save the "democracy" through government and corporate cooperative censorship!"
    -a network of scared liars

  23. The authoritarian Biden Regime

  24. But Trump is the fascist dictator that is a threat to our democracy.

  25. 'Misinformation' seems to equate to whatever ideas the democrat government of the day does not agree with… Fascism or Communism both did that so take your pick

  26. Alexander Jamieson

    I would argue Berenson got a lot right. Japan, after achieving over 80% fully vaccinated and boosted, mostly with pfizer's vaccine, is currently having its worse go of covid since the beginning of the pandemic, with the its highest death and hospitalization rate by the largest of margins.

  27. Another YouTube Sailing Channel

    You're wrong about Berenson being wrong on most things related to the pandemic. He's been proven right on virtually everything.

  28. Saagar, get a life.

    Trump and Republicans out-censor Biden by a mile. Trump literally handpicked and planted reporters at his events. LOL. Saagar, you are a sad little boy.

  29. One correction there chuckles. I am not here to have you debate the information for me to form my opinion. Don’t get carried away with yourself. Get the information out there and we the people will figure it out for ourselves.

  30. This administration is without any doubt everything the left accused the Trump administration of being that it was not!! They are criminals plain and simple, the press and big tech are complicit and even co-conspirators in their crimes!!! Using the DOJ, FBI, IRS, ATF and the rest of the ABC agencies like attack dogs is something thugs do. Joe Biden is a Spoiled old man and his history shows he has always been a liar and racist!! Future history will show he and his thugs were the worst to ever walk into the Whitehouse!!

  31. Gee, social media censorship? That's right up there with torture camps, extraordinary rendition, drone bombing wedding parties and selling cocaine to buy arms for Contras.

  32. What a tragedy.

  33. Why TF Sagar gotta be decisive saying "mystifies me why people still mask"

    Covid was a blessing for me, I like many from Asia would ALWAYS wear a mask… People are nasty… Cov gave me an excuse.

    People are so freaking ignorant to think "people wearing a mask = mystifyingly scared of covid still"

    Nahhhh I didn't get a booster, I haven't tested positive for cov19 and I have gone through 3 complete work shift outages when 85% of workers got it at my work.

    It genuinely mystifies me that people are so quick to add things to their "bigot" lists

  34. Margie de Navarre

    Best segment ever. Crucial.

  35. '1984' is a 'how to' manual for democrats.

  36. Big tech became Big Mafia!

  37. The problem with Berensen is not his ideas per se, but his poor grasp of math. But then again, math has been nearly as bad by the covid resisters as with Covidians.

  38. FB and Twitter should be subject to class action lawsuits

  39. The positive thing is that Psaki is back to relative obscurity on MSNBC…👍