Secret Of Mana Censorship – Censored Gaming

Secret Of Mana Censorship – Censored Gaming

This video compares the censorship made to Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 2) in the West when compared with the Japanese version.

This censorship includes:

Nintendo censoring questionable names such as “Hell Hound” to “Heck Hound” and “Devil Magazine” to “National Scar”.
The removal of hexagrams.
Replacing Kettle Kin’s (Death Machine’s) chainsaw with hammers.

*This video is for documentary purposes. Any material found in this video exists solely to document video game censorship for informational reasons only.*
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  1. Secret of Mana 2018 remake has removed the devil magazine picture of an undressed woman.

    To the Censored Gaming youtube channel. You may want to make an update for this video because I played the Secret of Mana 2018 remake on PS Vita, PS4 and PC Steam. The enemies Mystic Book and National Scar no longer shows a picture of a naked woman. Has Square Enix removed it in the remake? Was it Sony's censorship policy that caused the creators to remove the naughty woman picture, let me know what you think.

    Please make a video update on Secret of Mana remake censorship I want to see it. Also I want to see you do a video on the Playstation CMOS battery for PS3 PS4, PS5, PS Vita and how it can lock players out of physical and digital games.

  2. Ok seriously, when I hear Heck hounds I just can’t help picturing a bunch of dogs just hacking up a lung.

  3. PettankoEnthusiast

    Are you planning on doing a comparison between Switch Trials of Mana and PS4 Trials of Mana?

  4. So this week, I'm waiting for the release of Trials of Mana (Secret of Mana 2). It is looking like the Switch version will be the uncensored version. There have been comparisons to the PS4 version. I myself have played the Steam demo version and the Switch demos. There seems to be more obvious jiggles on the chest for Riesz on the Switch version while it's hardly noticeable on the Steam version. Thank you Nintendo.

  5. Moch Mow Intimidating

  6. Stupid soft Nintendo Europe!

  7. This is like the Rescuers Easter Egg

  8. Goddamn churchies, ruining everything we hold dear.

  9. 1:34 I've never seen this before 🤯

  10. I wonder what type of censorship we will see in Trials of Mana's Western release in the Collection of Mana will have?

    The one i am expecting most is a edit to Princess Angela's sleeping animation where she sleep's topless on her front, thus giving the player a view of her bare back and some side boob, that really seem's like something Nintendo will want edited out.


    A boy can be shot out of a cannon propelling at a very, very high height and land safely on the ground without a single scratch, let alone any broken bones or death occurring

  13. E. E. McCutcheon

    The remake censored everything good about SoM and replaced all of it with dlc and shitty graphics

  14. The remake has the chainsaw uncensored, but uses the SNES translation monster names like "Heck Hound" and "National Scar". I also spent ~two hours farming National Scars for the rare Amulet Helm and letting them go through their animations, and didn't see the girly mag appear once. It may be in there, but I couldn't get it to trigger!

  15. Phantom Baphomet

    The Kettle Kin a.k.a Death Machine. In the PSVita, PS4 and PC Remake the Kettle Kin has the Chain Saw.

  16. ずいぶん違う箇所あるんだな

  17. The remake better not have these censorship.

  18. The Real Dainsleif

    Who came here after watching the Remake trailer of Secret of Mana 😀

  19. Honestly, I think the naked lady easter egg in Secret of Mana should become one of the 9 Wonders of The World for it sneaking by Nintendo and making it into the American version.

  20. 1:56 Yes…YES…

  21. Wow nice find!

  22. Is heckhound better or worse than HFILHound?

  23. heck hound? what about gba version final fantasy 1 and 2 common enemies already named hell bird but it hasn't censored. also it already rated E as well.