SPONGEBOB | Censored | Try Not To Laugh

SPONGEBOB | Censored | Try Not To Laugh

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel!
I am back at it with another Unnecessary Censorship video for you all to enjoy!
After the success of my Sonic Censored, Onward Censored, Mrs Doubtfire censored, and The Lorax Censored, this week (with the help of over 100 of you who voted on my poll!) I will censor Spongebob!
Spongebob was one of my favourite shows as I was growing up so it was great to relive some of the best episodes when I was editing this. If you love this video and would like to see another one for Spongebob or other shows then smash the like button and let me know in the comments below!
Please enjoy me censoring Spongebob 🙂
This is my umpteenth attempt at this type of video so you’d think I’d be good at it by now, i’ll let you guys be the judge of that 😉
If you enjoy this type of video, please let me know in the comments and I will definitely make some more!
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Title – Spongebob | Censored | Try Not To Laugh

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  1. 0:40 I'm heading over to the Chum Bucket to f*ck Plankton? Better change it to the Cum Bucket.

  2. Spongebob:Um Ummm
    Squidward will you hear me
    (Zap to squidward)

  3. This was too impossible not to laugh

  4. 0:32 I laughed so much I think I broke my laugh box…

  5. Squidward:HOOOOLY $[H]IT
    Mr krabs:Ok spongebob go to $[H]IT to the [$H¥■] [+÷÷=/]t

  6. Foxy faz88 Zaccagnino

    Lol this gives a whole new meaning to SpongeBob

  7. SMG5 // paradox productions

    1:47 he's not wrong

  8. 0:59: umm, ouch, sounds like it hurts, you finally did it, you made me break.

  9. Do Drake and Josh Censored

  10. Do peppa pig next time

  11. what the… 1:44

  12. Maybe make Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

  13. Can the next tv show be cocomelon also love your content

  14. 1% I like spongebob
    99% censored spongebob

  15. Burning Pillow Gaming

    0:45 LOL

  16. Burning Pillow Gaming

    can u do the patrick show censored

  17. Squidward: "You're supposed to be f🤬king each other's brains out!" 😠
    SpongeBob: "We signed a peace treaty, you're right f🤬king is for children…
    Squidward: "It's for adults too!!!"
    Me: Only adults should be doing that honestly…

  18. Patrick: "Come on, SpongeBob let's f🤬k each other's brains out!!!" 😀
    SpongeBob: "I'M READY!!!" 😃
    Me: I bet you are…😏

  19. Squidward: "If you 2 want to f🤬k each other's brains 🧠 out kindly leave me out of it…" 😑 goes into house 🏠
    Me: Be careful what you wish for…

  20. Plankton: "You f🤬k me now, SpongeBob…" 😈
    SpongeBob: "I don't want to f🤬k him! I want to f🤬k you here at the Krusty Krab!"
    Me: You don't have a choice anymore…

  21. 01:37 "What are you doing?! You're supposed to be **ing each other's brains out!" "We signed a Peace Treaty. You were right. **ing is for children." "No no no I misled you! It's for adults too!"😳😯🤣😆

  22. Mr. Krabs: "I'm going to the Chum Bucket to f🤬k Plankton…"
    SpongeBob: "PLANKTON?!!!"
    Me: Why would you want do that? 🤨

  23. Not a fan of Spongebob to be honest.😅 But this was hilarious!🤣

  24. Mr. Krabs: "Come on, SpongeBob! It's f🤬king time!!!"
    Me: LMAO 🤣

  25. Patrick: "A Squidward Action Figure! Let me f🤬k it!" 😃
    SpongeBob: "Patrick, No!" 😲
    Me: Squidward will never same after that…😬

  26. Woody and Chuckie Finster

    If spongebob is rated TV MA

  27. Sponge out of Water Censored should come out on August 21st

  28. its sound so real 0:19

  29. I wasn’t laughing until the very end. Nice job 👍

  30. Love it, sponge bob is the best x

  31. So funny 😂😂😂

  32. Jonathan Alvarez-Lopez

    Can you do Paul Blart: Mall Cop next?

  33. Jonathan Alvarez-Lopez

    Good video. 👍

  34. 1:06
    Also known as a Moby Huge.

  35. 0:32 AYO NAH NAH NAH NAH

  36. Spongebob is the best show ever