Streets Of Rage 3 CENSORED – Female Enemies' More Clothes (Documentary Purposes)

Streets Of Rage 3 CENSORED – Female Enemies' More Clothes (Documentary Purposes)

Did you know non-Japanese versions of Streets Of Rage 3 (Bare Knuckle 3/ベア・ナックル3) censor the female enemies clothes? In the JP version of SOR3, they are dressed in much more revealing outfits!

*This video is for documentary purposes. Any material found in this video exists solely to document video game censorship for informational reasons only.*

Check the playlist out for more sexual censorship comparisons!

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  1. Are we so weak that we need protection from tummies? Censorship is not beneficial.

  2. Wow, those lights…an epileptic seizure waiting to happen…..

  3. The Japanese version feels faster too and blaze is wearing red in the Japanese version.

  4. other japanese made me laugh so hard

  5. Jewel men10 MUGEN

    No ecchi in US

  6. Electra wore the same skimpy outfit from games 1 to 2. In 3 she all of a sudden had to wear a turtle neck.

  7. So usa makes a Green M & M, sexualize it as a female while walking around nude and no one bats an eye but loses their minds over video game female villians for having less clothes on?

    Wow talk about reverse logic…

  8. while the dominatrixes are barely recognizable in the us version compared to the japanese release I'm not going to cry over the loss of Ash as a laughable boss.

  9. Bare Knuckle III WINS!
    Japanese version is way better than the US version censorship.
    I will always plays the Japanese version. 🙂

    Anime #1 Always 😉

  10. b-but Sega Does what Nintendon't…

    Sega censored everything from the American ver. of this game, even the intro of the game wasn't saved…

  11. That old man sure loves to beat up women.

  12. the streets of rage remake (which is free to play) has every sprite from every sor game and version lol depending on what route you take, you will see sor 1 2 and 3 sprites, both the censored and uncensored sprites. for variety 😀

  13. Good thing they didn't censor the OST.

  14. Delmance Francis

    do one for the vendetta arcade game

  15. Both games are good, and different.

  16. ClassicTVMan1981X

    One of the Electras is renamed Lorena. The Japanese version refers to her as Thundra, but why would Sega change the name in the non-Japanese versions to reference the infamous killer Lorena Bobbitt?

  17. I saw the censored one and already knew what was coming. LOL! Good job though. Keep it up, and I followed your Google+ account, hoping for that user-friendly channel link as well.

  18. My only suggestion is to make a proper channel link. Right now the only link is when it could be something more user friendly. That being said, I have no idea if that's a paid thing or not.