Studiologic SL88 Grand MIDI Controller Unboxing | My Journey Begins

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Recently my Studiologig SL-880 Controller that I have used for the past fifteen years started to show signs of trouble. I am so excited to share the beginning of my journey with this amazing controller with you today!

The SL88 Grand represents the highest level of keyboard build quality and player experience from Studiologic. Some key features are:

* Ivory Touch Graded Hammer Action
* Magnetic Rail System For Installing Accessories Securely
* Multiple MIDI Output Ports as well as TO Host USB MIDI Connection
* 4 MIDI ZONES For The Utmost in Flexibility When Live
* Plenty Of Onboard Storage For USER SETUPS
* Sharp TFT Display For Editing SL88 Grand Parameters
* Windows and macOS Integration for editing and storing performance setups through the SL Editor
* Three Customizable Joysticks for total performance controls

Pedals I am currently using:
SLP3-D : This provides Sustain, Sostenuto, and Soft Pedal. It connects to pedal input 4 universal) and is selected in the Zone settings.
VFP1: This was included with the SL88: Grand and is a single switch sustain/hold pedal. Currently, I have it mapped to send a MIDI CC to my DAW to Mute the Mic Voiceover Channel.
YAMAHA FC7: I am using this mapped to CC11 Expression. There seems to be an issue where I cannot get the lowest value below 10%.
I am possibly looking to replace this pedal with a Studiologic branded Volume/Expression pedal.

For more information visit the official Studiologic website here:

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00:00:00 The Arrival
00:00:32 Saban Checking Out A New Box
00:00:37 The Unboxing Experience
00:01:39 What’s Inside The Box
00:02:12 Powered by Fatar
00:02:56 Initial Out Of The Box Overview
00:04:33 In The Studio
00:06:43 USB and Rear Panel Details
00:07:59 Space Considerations
00:08:49 Let’s Talk About Those XY Controls
00:10:02 We Are Just Getting Started


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  1. i just ordered one of these 🙂 will be getting it by tuesday

  2. Thank you for sharing !! where I can find the full review? thank you!!

  3. I love your t-shirt, mate

  4. Hi Simeon, I'm toying with the idea of buying the SL73 Studio. Please let me know if it's worth it! I can't play the piano, but the SL73 is very helpful for my productions! My music is a mixture of classical and cinematic music and that's why I need a keaboard! I have a Yamaha SX600 at the moment but I can't use that for this!

    Please be so kind and let me know what you think about it. Thanks and keep up the good work, your videos are really great!

  5. Love that Atari shirt! It’s where MIDI started for me

  6. What are your views after 1 year ? And will it work fine with FL studio ?

  7. Hi, I have an SL-880 also but havent played it for about 10 years , are there any updates I can do or integration for Mac? I used to use a Roland JV1010 which I still have and could just do that but computers have come along now maybe this keyboard is very usable… i have piano and this was sitting around because of integration at the time still new and latency in software I tried. a few times

  8. Yesss Serrr . Mine arrived a few days ago but set up today. Ohhh boy on the key bed feel. I previously owned the SL73 but had to upgrade to this. Thx so much for your insight 👍🏽

  9. Hi Simon and congrats for the great videos you make! I have a question regarding the SL88Grand… any changes in the keybed action/noises/keys over the time? I have a SL 88 Studio and I loved it from start, but now after an year some keys got noisier and feel like they re gonna break of some point cause they sounds like plastic on plastic or metal, don t have the same touch when they are pressed like they used to have. I really appreciate your answer cause maybe I’ll switch to a Grand in the future (Doepfer or Physis are a little too expensive).Thank you in advance!

  10. A piano being less deep is NOT a plus. It means that the keys are definitely NOT full size grand piano keys. So, they don't provide the control of longer keys and there will be a different in the amount of pressure required to push the keys down from the front to the back of a given key. For me, that is an automatic deal-breaker.

  11. How is the Studiologic software? Is it any good or do I have to purchase 3rd party DAW or Midi software? And does it come with a midi USB controller? Thanks! Much appreciated.

  12. Nice vid – downvote for the Atari shirt 😉 Amigaaaaaaaaaa

  13. I was as exited as you haha I write music for film and media and my main master was a Doepfer LMK3. I played the SL88 grand and switched immediately. It has a superior Keybed built like a tank and easy to program. 2 years have passed and I have never encountered a single issue with it. Great purchase!

  14. Hi Simeon. I enjoy many of your videos. Your use of the SL88 Grand also affected my recent purchase. My SL88 Grand just showed up a few days ago. I still am unable to get functionality out of my SUSTAIN PEDAL. Did you experience any problems with your sustain pedal in the early stages. Is there a setting that I should be aware of?

    I have not done a firmware download yet.

    Lastly, What are your 3 most favorite Piano Libraries?

  15. Hey Simeon, hope you're doing well… I wanted to let you know that I almost saved up enough money to buy this particular controller you're using. But before buying I wanted to get feedbacks from you. Alot of Sl88 grand users mentioned of encountering problems with it after sometime of usage, hence I am kind of confused whether I should buy it or not.Did you face any sorts of problem with the Sl88 Grand so far ? Looking forward for your reply 🙂

  16. Friends! Racking my head between SL Studio and Grand. SL Studio is pleasant to the touch, but over time it will become easier, I actually saw this TP100 with my own eyes at keyboard masters atelier and there is a lot of fluidity like Vaseline, so it feels tougher than SL GRAND, but lighter in weight. I played on the old MIDI Studiologic SL-990 Pro there TP40 GH – I really liked it, it still works without any problems.

    The fact is that the SL Grand now costs about $ 800. But there are a lot of bad reviews about the keyboard itself … but at the same time, it is positioned as a keyboard of the premium segment. OK. We have a purely $ 1000 Doepfer PK88 GH without Case keyboard and are praised as one of the most reliable and indestructible keyboards around.

    A reasonable question: Maybe in SL Grand (Fatar TP40 Wood) the quality of parts is worse than on Doepfer (TP40 GH) since there is such a difference in price + considering the reviews? This is my dilemma.

  17. why nothing on hooking it up?

  18. Sir, I'm happy to see you happy, you look like a kid getting a Christmas present:)

    I have one question:
    what is the big difference between the sl88 studio and the sl88 grand beside the wooden keys?

    thx in advance

  19. Great review. Is there a standalone software so i can play piano without opening my daw all the time? Or is SL Editor capable of it

  20. Hi! Great review, but may I ask does it support headphones output to play quietly?

  21. Good day Simeon, how has the SL 88 been holding up for you?

  22. Could you please share what you are using for pedals?

  23. Thanks for the video. I purchased SL88 grand and love it. I’m a bit confused on how to map the 4 areas using SL editor. There seem not to be enough online resources, and manual doesn’t help either. Could you elaborate how should map this to my DAW? (I use GarageBand and Mainstage) and don’t mind buying Logic Pro if necessary? I need to be able to have a set of sound loaded on my DAW and then change them from keyboard knob. Is that possible? I.e. P0001 1-Piano / 2-String / 3-Guitar / 4-Brass, P0002 Flute, String, Horn, Obeb) so when I change from P0001 to P0002 I get all the VST sound that I set accordingly?

  24. Thanks a lot Simeon. Nice quick overview. I’ve had the SL88 Grand for a year or so now. Great controller. Are you going to do a follow up review in the near future on the Grand?? Thanks, love the Channel 😀🤙🎹🎹🎹🎹👍🏼🎵🍻

  25. Dear Simeon, thank you very much for the information about StudioLogic SL 88 grand. I wanted to consult with you, as a former musician, about choosing a midi keyboard. I worked for 13 years with logic VMK 188 plus which satisfied me. Now it started having problems (the pedal doesn't work) and I would like to choose another one with a good keyboard (as for a pianist). I use the keyboard only at home. I write music more symphonic, Christian. I have no opportunity to touch base with you to test out the keyboards. What’s a better option? Roland A88 mk2 or Studio logic SL88 Grand? Or something else? I don't use arpeggiator and split keyboard. I use the tool only in my home studio. I'm using BandLab Cakewalk. And yet, which one can connect a small midi controller with Faders. Please advise me. Thank you in advance. Best regards Nikolay.

  26. Did you haver any issues loading and using the SL Editor? Mine worked on my old MacBook Pro but I can't get it to link on my new MacBook Pro 2020 running Big Sur O/S. Followed the instructions to the letter but when clicked on the MIDIO setup tab, it shows no options available. Any suggestions?

  27. Nicely presented Simeon! Mine arrives tomorrow….looking forward to receiving it!
    Thanks for the great information you provided!

  28. Stalking the FedEx guy. Been there.

  29. Nice video! Love my keyboard and yours to. I use macOS and upgraded to Big Sur. SL Editor crashed. Did clean install but also crashed. Is there anyone who did this and had good results? Make SL great.

  30. It would be great to get an update video on how you like this keyboard now that you’ve had it for several months. I really enjoy your videos.

  31. God bless you brother. Was not Roland's newest A-88 MKII controller ($999) with Midi v.2.0 an option? PHA-4 with Escapement. It's the same price as the StudioLogic SL88 Grand. It's brand new and I think it's was out when you uploaded this video. Thanks.

  32. Does the usb cable come with the SL88 studio/grand?

  33. Oh that is amazing Simeon to see you testing this out. I just got here because I'm also looking for a new midi keyboard with good piano feel and to my surprise your video came up in search results. The only thing I'm affraid really are those joysticks. I never used anything else than regular MOD Wheel and I'm just sure if this is gonna work for me.. I'm so used to the wheel.

  34. Hi Simeon, can you make a video about UVI Labs TRUE KEYS PIANOS? They're on sale now so I want to know what you think about them. Thanks.

  35. Hey Simeon, thanks as always. Can you do a quick update on your set up? What are your monitors, what DAW, Do you have most libraries and which are your "go to" collections? What is your input hardware? Also what cameras and software are you using? You seem to have a great sounding, great looking workflow from playing, writing, recording, video making and editing etc. Please share what you've learned putting together such an exceptional all purpose studio. Lighting is also stellar.

  36. Hey Brother, there are two huge pre-purchase questions I have regarding the SL88 that I would love for you to answer in the future as you get used to playing it, if you don’t mind:
    1) How does the velocity curve of the SL88 feel overall when playing the Garritan CFX, VSL CFX and VSL Steinway?
    2) How does the Fatar TP/40 WOOD keybed feel when playing is strings & Brass, especially Legato? Does the “real piano feel” hinder that a little? I can always grab something like an iRig 37 if needed.

  37. Hey Simeon, I really like your videos 🙂 Really Cool. Maybe you can give me some advice: I am searching for the most realistic virtual piano Software on the market til today 🙂 I would appreciate your Expertise and experience. Best regards from Germany 😉

  38. Yay, you got it! Can’t wait to watch.

  39. I wish I can have that one 😇🙏

  40. Congratulations! You deserve it. Enjoy it!