Super Mario Kart CENSORED – King Bowser's Ending Cutscene (Documentary Purposes)

Super Mario Kart CENSORED – King Bowser's Ending Cutscene (Documentary Purposes)

Did you know the non-Japanese versions of Super Mario Kart (スーパーマリオカート) censor King Bowser’s ending cutscene? In the JP version of SMK, Bowser actually drinks the bottle of alcohol!
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  1. I have an American version where they drink no cap I can prove

  2. This happens for Peach too.

  3. Japanese version Bowser: Hmm, I'm kinda thirsty after that race, I feel like I need to indulge in some alcohol!
    Everywhere Else's Bowser: Hmm lets see here…. Bottle of champagne, that means it's alcohol….. I'LL COVER EVERYONE WITH IT AND THEN BREATHE FIRE ON EM, THEN THE WORLD IS MINE!!!!!!!!!

  4. Habia una diferencia en el juego y uno de esos es el final de la versión japonesa es Peach y Bowser bebiendo Champan se puede ver que la Princesa Peach tiene roja la cara (esta borracha) mientras bebe el champan Bowser bebiendo el champan derramandone el cuerpo Eso va en contra De Las Reglas de Nintendo of America que dice que se prohíbe beber alcohol en los juegos por eso en la versión internacional se eliminaron esos sprites y se cambio a Peach arrojando el champan y atrapándolo y Bowser posando feliz en la versión europea se mantuvieron los cambios.

  5. Bowser? More like Boozer!


  7. En las versiones americanas Peach y Bowser se prohíben beber champán

  8. Bowser's an alcoholic?

  9. Bowser: Yeeeaahhhh, party at my house y'all! Let's get wasted!

  10. I guess bowser is an evil character so for my opinion I think the Japanese one is better for him

  11. Tiger SonChaeyoung

    0:16 im hela weak

  12. Rated E for Everyone


  14. Japan is an amazing country

  15. Japanese high score coolio nice trophy wooo.

  16. I feel like this and Peach's should be one video. Hilarious edit though.