Tekken 3 CENSORED – Anna Williams' Ending Cutscene/Movie (Documentary Purposes)

Tekken 3 CENSORED – Anna Williams' Ending Cutscene/Movie (Documentary Purposes)

Did you know non-Japanese versions of Tekken 3 (鉄拳3) censor Anna Williams ending cutscene movie? In the JP version of Tekken 3, the cutscene is actually really different and ends up with Nina unhooking Anna’s bra!

*This video is for documentary purposes. Any material found in this video exists solely to document video game censorship for informational reasons only.*

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  1. sinosiren guerra


  2. In Tekken 3 there was three endings but. These 2 and another where they were in a graveyard and Nina suddenly got her memory back and slapped Anna.

  3. The censored version is better since it actually lets Anna win.

  4. What is the name of this song please??

  5. What song & artist is this by?

  6. This is weird I remember seeing the unhooked bra scene when I played as a child (good memories xD) and I'm sure I wasn't playing the japanese version, didn't even know there were censored versions of the game.

  7. so we just gonna sit her and act like Anna don't look like Bruce Jenner at the ending of the American version?

  8. song name though?

  9. awesome, my copy is jp)))

  10. I always hated both characters.

  11. I think in tekken 3 the faces of the characters seemed to have more real proportions

  12. Arcade Alchemist

    both endings are fucking lame

  13. I did not know of this. Awesome sauce.

  14. Wow looking back, Nina is a bitch to her sis lol

  15. First lol

  16. Leonardo Vasconcelos cerqueira

    Eu já havia visto as duas versões. Embora sendo a mais curta, eu ainda prefiro a versão americana (Eu odeio quando a Nina vence!). Anna Williams é sempre gata.

  17. Gotta love their love-hate dynamic. Its funny that this got censored considering their endings on the movie set in one of them.

  18. Shining Star of Paektu Mountain

    Lol there is a reference to this in the Nina Williams ending on trek ken dark resurrection.

  19. LOL! I like this channel. The Japanese one's way funnier but you would never be able to tell it's edited.