The GTA Trilogy Remastered is CENSORED! Removed Content Worries!

The GTA Trilogy Remastered is CENSORED! Removed Content Worries!

It looks like Rockstar have CENSORED GTA Trilogy Remastered, certain features in the trilogy definitive edition have been altered and removed including some of the characters. There is a lot of reaction in the community over the GTA Trilogy lately but overall I think the gameplay trailer was a positive one.

CENSORED Gameplay by:
0:45 – Rockstar Games Censorship
3:57 – Vice City CENSORED from Mobile Version and PS2

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  1. Thank you to Censored Gaming for providing me with the clips of Umberto Robina, link to their channel in description

  2. Pisses me off they keep bowing to the woke and censoring their games now. Makes no sense other then they are scared of the PC crowd.


    funny how this saga is still trying to be censored after all these years,but today its the opposite side who wants to do it.

  4. Imagine if Rockstar would censor GTA6 and go WOKE.. They'd loose literally 99% of their player base.

    It they do go WOKE with their future title, it's very much over for them. Doesn't matter if the game is stunning and amazing gameplay wise.

  5. As if the trilogy wasn't already enough of a mess, they had to censor original content. Definitely won't be purchasing this, and am now worried about future Rockstar titles.

  6. It makes no sense for Rockstar to censor the confederate flag, they should keep in all stuff relating to the confederate flag and all the little insensitive jokes. See how all these little snowflakes cower behind a true flag. I represent everyone's opinion against rockstar censorship.

  7. The Elite - Roblox

    I feel like gta 6 will be disaster

  8. The Elite - Roblox

    No thanks I'll stick up to original games

  9. Jeez even Rockstar is pandering to snowflakes now. Imagine the amount of censorship and PC that's gonna be in gta 6. So sad to see a game franchise that has special place in my heart slowly dying.

  10. Yep. I'm DONE with rockstar and will never use any of their products again. Censorship and cut-content including music is a huge deal-breaker.
    I'm not even going to pirate their games, that's how pissed-off I am. Currently trying to have all rstar games removed entirely from my PS account.

  11. Okay, so now my kid can chop people's heads off with a damn chainsaw without worrying about him seeing a flag…

  12. Deathless Phantom

    Stop trying to appeal to antifa!

  13. That's the problem when u gengage fuckin wokes in your company /

  14. I bet they'd never censor the characters saying "Nigga". The writers have too much using it lol

  15. Those leftists and rightists are ruining GTA for puritian and wokeness reasons.🤦🏽‍♂️

  16. The hookers don’t moan anymore just quiet lmao

  17. Take-Two want more communism money

  18. Rockstar didn't even touch the game. It was developed by Grove street games and published by take-two through Rockstar. Get your facts right lmfao

  19. 9/10 wow glad you feel that way….. But damn

  20. thanks libs!!!

  21. Yeah expect more censorship and PC culture since this Administration has effectively paid off giant corporations to be as PC as possible if they want that sweet low interest ESG investor funding.

    This is a lesson on who to elect and paying attention to what they promise. Liberalism took a hit from its own party this decade art, comedy, gaming basically pop culture is being muzzled by social media and large corporations and incentivized by the liberal government. Lets go Brandon.

  22. We're censoring parodies now

  23. I guarantee these were the things removed:
    – Some of Tommy's voice lines that could be considered homophobic, like "You badge wearin' fruit!"
    – The Faggio would most likely have its name changed due to the name being based on the name Paggio, thus making the gay slur more obvious.
    On an additional note, if I recall correctly the revision to the script of GTA Vice City was done in a second printing of the PS2 version due to outcry. In addition to that, the reason Rockstar removed Hot Coffee from GTA: San Andreas was because had they kept it in, the game's age rating would rise from Mature to Adults Only, and so it couldn't be sold on consoles or in stores, so it was buried in the game's code on early copies but was eventually deleted after it was restored by modders and Rockstar caught flak for it.

  24. I agree with your sentiment, but i dont think Nintendo is the reason. Sony had games censored this past yr, Devil May Cty 5, but I think it is Rockstar. They are being PC and pandering for the sake of money. Funny thing is, this game series is based on being a criminal and doing criminal things, which is still allowed, but you cant hurt someone's feelings with a picture of a flag. GTA San Andreas, could be considered a racist product by the depictions of the characters in the whole game. But no one says anything there. I personally loved all of the games but media is quickly becoming watered down and weak. I enjoyed the video, and subbed.

  25. That sucks

  26. Tony Falcone (Government Official)

    Just played GTA vice city definitive edition and shooting people has been censored there's no blood anymore

  27. To be honest I don’t really blame them for removing the part of the game where you just blatantly commit a hate crime

  28. Christian Franco

    You can literally chainsaw an elderly woman in broad daylight in these games but this was too much .

  29. Well at least phil in gta vice city got his t shirt changed. Did not really bother me but at least its a good change

  30. The whole point of GTA is to offense people because it’s all a joke

  31. That’s sad