The New Mountain Lion OS X and AirPlay

Airplay is a great new feature that allows you to display your iMac or MacBook Pro desktop on you HDTV with Apple TV.

NOTICE: AirPlay only works on 2011 or later models. Please click on the following site and read what C/NET has to say.



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  1. I cannot get my sound to play on my TV! Help please 🙂

  2. and also i instal no software on my Ipad the last one 7 and i can connect any help pls

  3. For macbook, how does the quality compare to using HDMI?

  4. Idk if someone mentioned this but this only works on Macbooks that are Early 2011 or later

  5. Hi, i have a 27" mid 2011 iMac with OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63) and an Apple Tv box. If i download Mountain Lion from the app store will i be able to mirror like you just have?

  6. i have the same problem, let me know if solved.

  7. What version are you running Lion? Snow Leopard?

  8. omg :O im having the same problem as well :'(

  9. you know when you went into display, when i clicked onto my one it was completely different to your one -.-' it liked only showed the resolution and brightness! please help me :')

  10. bought 21.5" iMac in 2010 $1200 + display port to HDMI for 60" HDTV everything worked awesome for 2 years
    upgraded to mountain Lion 3 days ago $20
    now HDMI doesn't work WTF Apple!!!!
    Looks like i have to buy apple TV now………… Not cool Apple, not cool

  11. Yeah Comcast can get laggy at times where I live.

  12. When you go full screen, you can clearly see it skipping frames and freezing shortly. If this is only because of the internet connection, then well ok. But if this also does it when you play videos from you mac, it's bad!

  13. According to C/NET's site which I put a link in the description AirPlay only works on 2011 or later models. So it looks like you will have to use AirParrot if that site is right. That really sucks but you know how Apple is… always doing crazy stuff like that.

  14. I'm really waiting for his reply. hope he have a solution for this problem. the AirPlay and the mirroring in mountain lion is the only reason that i payed for this update and every thing works except that :s

  15. WHich system do you have? iMac Macbook Pro? And how old is it?

  16. I updated my mac book pro to mountain lion today and I follow up your steps. but I have a problem !! when i click on system preferences then displays, I don't have the "AirPlay mirroring" option to switch it to apple TV like you do !!!

    Help me if you know how to solve it

  17. is it really lagging that much? Or is it just you're internet connection that is bad? (the stream you are showing from youtube.