The armpits…

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  1. Free the wormussy

  2. The funniest one for me is Arrivalrivals. It looked too much like a woman going down on another woman, so they made the first one do the anime cheek pull thing so you could tell they're enemies and not gay

  3. like for the persona music

  4. this video's been out for a little over 2 months and it just hit me that coolia was censored not because of the pits, but because there was a peek of sideboob in the uncensored art

  5. Apolloursa also got her armit censored 😂

  6. this was great

  7. Did anyone mention the obvious Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max? That one was very dumb to me because iirc Super Dora and Juggernaut Liebe were basically unchanged as far as I know. But for Gustav they turned the steel cannon into some blue pencil thing lol

  8. Why are they still censoring cards in 2022 tho

  9. Bagooska needs to be a lost art fosho

  10. I love the thumbnail 😂. The jar cringing from the fat bastard emperor 😂

  11. Abcvwxzy why did they have to do them

  12. I still wonder how / why tf did that someone find that one different chain link in pendulum area
    And why was it even changed

  13. Keep the armpits coming Konami

  14. you think some of these are stupid? one magic the gathering card got banned (not censored, straight up banned) because it's effect is "destroy all black creatures" and apparently that's racist

  15. Japanese cardはhentai cultureだよ。

  16. 0:15. Wow that's a bold claim. But if you're talking literally every trading card ever made then maybe it's better than ones that are just screenshots from shows or movies or something. It does hurt that they tend to try to make card art all look similar and they never give credit to any artists.

  17. The emperor is so funny to me. Put a shirt on the beast.

  18. heroic champion – jarngreipr is by far my favorite example and it's sad he wasn't on here

  19. I love that they gave the emperor a wife beater. Like idk it makes who I’m looking at seem like an actual person, like yeah he would probably wear one on vacation lol.

  20. @7:00 As somone who never seen this archatype before, I can Imagine it is to brighten it up to make it less like a soldiers colours

  21. What about maiden of aqua?

  22. Devotee of Mama Raikou

    Funny enough… OCG is about to receive the TCG artwork of Exodia.

  23. RIP wussy

  24. I don't know the name of the card. But it is a female spy assassin effect monster card. In the Japanese art of this card her leggings are camo colored but in the English version of the card her leggings are silver…guess cammo leggings were too smexy for us Americans

  25. 8:44 it's not just armpits this time, it's the wakipai. Makes the OCG art borderline NSFW if we're being honest.

  26. Censorship is stupid.

  27. The Edge Imps were censored like they were in hentai.

  28. Twitter thread idea: The "power nine" cards of yugioh. Cards that are so powerful they will never be unbanned, just like MTGs "Power Nine". Sure theres the obvious like Pot of Greed and Delinquent Duo, but hey why not.

  29. Imagine Breaker

    I’m dying after hearing what he had to say about Soitsu

  30. another couple of art change upgrade would be Monster Reborn and Spellbinding Circle
    also, i don't know which Mystic Tomato i prefer, the simple boring one, or the disturbing detailed one

  31. AIzen Vermillion

    Yeah… No… This is just Konami's latest censorship scam which is to censor female cards and then resell those same cards uncensored just to push products because they think giving staple reprints won't already be reasonable for people to buy and so they shamelessly charge us more money for waifu cards they deliberately butcher and their excuse everytime they censoring will be because some random conservative christian parent might sue them… "so we, Konami, will sell them to you for higher prices surely no kids can get their hands on those now right…?" F*** Y** TCG Komoney!

  32. AIzen Vermillion

    Alternate title: "How conservative parents have been to Anime since then till now"

  33. Sky Fire was censored because it encouraged people to put dildos on sideways, and that's dangerous

  34. Luis-Raul Diaz-Rios

    2:27 Empress Theresa is trending!


  35. Luis-Raul Diaz-Rios

    1:30 a spy whose specialty is CURRY INTERROGATION?


  36. Luis-Raul Diaz-Rios

    Pecs with belly? Tyrant Anger means at least 1800 ATK, then! 1600 DEF, probably