this is NOT Windows XP

This is actually Linux with the XFCE desktop enviorment running an awesome Windows XP theme!



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  1. Every time I extract xp icons then select them it crashes my panel and I have to open a terminal and delete the folder and restart xfce4-panel

    Edit: Turns out has to do with icon cache, a issue on the github mentions this and that there's spaces in the names but I couldn't find the spaces in any of the filenames

  2. There is one for cinamon, it looks sooo good.

  3. This is an abomination!!

  4. My school has a vendetta specifically banning win xp, have to do this at some point to annoy them

  5. This theme would go great for Linux Mint XFCE

  6. Cool, this is basically what I want

  7. You might be better of using Twister UI for this. There's more themes to choose from and it's a one-click solution. There's also Win 95 theme, which is pretty awesome!

  8. The best loop on YouTube

  9. Isn't it better to just install ReactOS?

  10. I love how those shorts are circular, as if they never end

  11. How to beat Windows XP by just looking like it

  12. That is awesome! In a weird way it kind of makes me miss Windows XP

  13. "Content Creators" (lol) use the short format and the TikTok format for the added easy revenue greed. Don't let them tell you it's for the phone format – the content is brief and monetized. End of analysis. Also end of my support. Good luck – I just can't support the greed model.

  14. Can this theme works on Linux Mint 21 Xfce?

  15. XP doesn't have a home folder. Lol

  16. if only linux ran old software the way windows 10 runs software from windows xp lol

  17. can you post the links to the themes pleasse?

  18. I'm actually currently making a live iso installer of an XP themed debian cinnamon

  19. How can Windows xp be this good??? 😂

  20. I am gonna make a video about the pros and cons of making Linux look like other OS's 😊

  21. i kinda wish if i had used THIS windows instead of the actual windows xp