Time Gal Censorship – Censored Gaming

Time Gal Censorship – Censored Gaming

This video compares the censorship of Time Gal’s English Sega CD release (and the few edits also made to the Japanese Mega CD version), with the Japanese games – these being for the arcade, PS1, Saturn, MSX and LaserActive platforms.

Changes made include:

Changing the dates 666 due to occult/religious themes and 1990 because of the Gulf War.
Nudity censorship.
Copyright censorship (Godzilla/Jaws).
The removal of “praying” religious references.

*This video is for documentary purposes. Any material found in this video exists solely to document video game censorship for informational reasons only.*
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  1. something something

    When religion has influnced the world so much we have to remove real existing numbers as not to offend anyone no matter the context

  2. what is she saying when she meets american jaws?

  3. imagine being that western kid who finished the game on hard just to be met with disappointment

  4. 1:37 Noice

  5. This is like the anime science fiction version of Dragon’s Lair

  6. So they change "Pray to God" to "Wish For Luck" but she's still on her knees with her hands together and asking for help. What do we call that, oh right PRAYING.

  7. Sega CD (Complete on Hard Mode)
    Time Gal [Japanese]: Congrats! You get free porno!
    Time Gal [Western]: Congrats! You get nothing!

  8. Poor TimeGal, she prays to God, then the airplane blows up and she fucking dies!

  9. I would totally watch that anime/game.

  10. It's also worth mentioning in certain death scenes she would scream stuff like "my butt" and "my breast" which also were removed in the western version.

  11. Shadow the Hedgehog was inspired by her

  12. Copyright was bullshit even back then, surprisingly (ironically, I tried to watch a playthrough of Cliffhanger on YT just before this, and it had been blocked on some stupid copyright claim!). Not surprised at the censorship, though; even back then, violence was okay, but nudity?! Think of the children! 🙁


  14. 1:55 – Tried to rewind to see but can't see.

  15. Had this on Sega CD. It sucked.

  16. Why play it on Hard mode if the game does not reward me with a Hard on as a reward? I don't understand all the excessive censoring

  17. Janethan Ricanibante

    Censoring pop culture references or Easter eggs is unnecessary. It's a tribute to them.

  18. I can't be the only one who sees the protagonist as "Lum" from Those Obnoxious Aliens in a few scenes and frames….

  19. Glad Reika returned in castle of shikigami 3. But yeah screw copyrights lol

  20. So…is this game a franchise now or is it just one game?

  21. An anime game was censored……OmG ^_^
    Anime is nothing but glorified porn .
    They use erotic themes to hide the lack of logic in stories .

  22. i think they censored the whip cuting her clothes because the one cuting it is a human who may want to rape her… or see her naked.
    on the other hand, a monster or shark would not want an being from another species, so he wouldnt make distinction between the clothes and the meat when attacking an victim

  23. i wouldnt consider this a game

  24. hentai here we go

  25. She looks like Yuri from Dirty Pair. Creators must be fans.

  26. So… how does one play the original arcade version, and does it have English subtitles?

  27. Anyone know if this game is available uncensored now, for PC?

  28. Hopalong Cassidy

    this is a Daicon IV spinoff


    1:56 There it is, naked.

  30. Janet Kazarowski

    Why does Japan get all the good shit?!

  31. 1:29 that biker is Spade from Hokuto no Ken!

  32. Is there a henati of time gal🍆 🤤

  33. Wasn't this entire game just fanservice?

  34. game lookd fun tho

  35. cazademonios666

    Time to search on R34.

  36. I think the Western Time Gals Gozilla sound effect was reused for New Super Mario Bros. For World 1's castle once bowser dies and turns into dry bowser

  37. I've always wanted to play this game.

  38. Keep forgetting that this game Is a thing

  39. That actually seems like it would a fun game.

  40. The New Zealand Story. What I heard from Guru Larry is that some versions of this game has the code: MOTHERFUCKENKIWIBASTARDS in tact, while other versions had it changed to FLUFFYKIWIS

  41. fuck censorship. i have every right to decide for my self what i wanna see, hear, read or play.

  42. Mechalinker Gaming