Tokyo Revengers EP 5 – Censored vs Uncensored (COMPARISON)

Tokyo Revengers EP 5 – Censored vs Uncensored (COMPARISON)

Comparison between the version distributed by Crunchyroll versus the broadcast on Japanese TV. According to Crunchyroll France, they did NOT censor the anime, but the studio itself provided them with this version. Source:

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    Watch Tokyo Revengers Uncensored here:
    Watch Tokyo Revengers Uncensored LEGALLY on MUSE ASIA (only SEA):

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  2. when i first watched this episode and got to the scene where Draken says "shut up", i was sure my computer froze.


  3. It's like a completely different fucking show! Dammit!

  4. Dam I’m glad I watched the uncensored one or else I would be so dang lost

  5. Why are y'all mad at the censorship?
    It's necessary and that's a fact
    (Greetings from a German who had to alter the manji drastically to make the cosplay wearable without getting in big trouble for wearing illegal symbols publicly)

  6. When I saw the swastika I already knew it was gonna be censored for my western folk.

  7. Lmaooo mf’s blur a couple things and skip some extra footsteps from characters and call it “BuTcHeReD” like, wtf do you want from these people? They clearly had some reason for doing so, and not for nothing, yeah the fucking logo is a nazi logo, not really sure what the author was thinking with that one (I’m sure it gets explained later on, haven’t read it tho)

  8. Watched the show, loved it, started reading the Manga and was like “YO Wtf is THAT” then I realized it was the original symbol, and was upset that it was so heavily censored in the show

  9. lol censored is for dub

  10. so glad i watched the uncensored version

  11. So which one better censored or uncensored

  12. Vεηđ円α

    In Europe, especially in Germany, the People can take the Symbol as an [email protected] [email protected], due to it's very similar look. Which in their Laws, those References or Ideologies are strictly banned & forbidden.
    I believe, that was the Reason for the Censored version. (More bc of the case in Europe)

  13. Zhongli's retirement fund

    haha all of the walking is censored

  14. I always wondered why there was a black smudge in between the flag Everytime they showed it
    I realize now that I should've watched the uncensored 😭

  15. When your Argentine grandfather hides his electrician helmet next to the Tokyo Revengers merchandise in his basement:

  16. Glad to watch the "uncensored" version 😌✌🏻

  17. Is there any major difference?

  18. But why would they even censor it

  19. I havent seen TR but whats the difference between the censored and uncensored

  20. I’m confused what were they censoring

  21. bro why tf was it censored. I really was watching the censored show without even knowing

  22. Wait I’m confused, what are they even censoring in the censored version??

  23. idk why people getting so mad its not a big difference

  24. /kill @e[type=ppl_who_killed_draken,reason=fuckyou]

  25. Luv Diamond // Diamondkid19

    Another reason why I hate this generation people are too soft and ignorant history is history hitler used reversed symbolism he flipped the symbol around so it’s not even the same also this shouldn’t be censored because it is wrong to say that a religion can’t show their own symbol imagine that the cross for Christ was a “sensitive topic” so it had to be censored people are idiots nowadays 🤦🏽‍♂️

  26. It isn't even the swastika why tf

  27. Sad 🙁

  28. Reason why it's censored
    The swastika symbol is used in Buddhism, Hindi, Chinese taoism, and lastly Japanese Shinto, and it means Luck and Good Fortune, for other countries it means a horrible thing from the past, hence why it's censored in other countries, I'm shinto and understand both sides

  29. I can barely see what's going on

  30. censuring the manji of Asian culture and Buddhist people just because ignorant people can't tell them apart is disrespecting an entire culture.

  31. What is it even censoring

  32. Fernando Giubilei

    I'd rather they put a shadow over them like they do with JoJo censorship, at least that way they wouldn't alter scenes.

  33. why does it need to be censored?

  34. oh OH there were so many people omg it looked like mikey was talking to idk? 20 people at most?

  35. Which one should I watch
    Censored or uncensored?

  36. This reminds me of that one episode in deadman wonderland where it was just entirely dark for a full episode

  37. Can someone explain all the change here to me?

  38. What’s the point of censoring? this is so stupid

  39. Illin Valladores

    Still don't get what's the hype about this anime it feels corny and I can't take the characters seriously the whole anime is a joke

  40. Veronica Gabriel

    I dunt see the difference 😂😂😂

  41. msyukizomesorangejuice

    Can you do the same for another and danganronpa despair arc please?

  42. Pewdipie use this kind of video quality. Wtf.

  43. Censored version is just handicapped

  44. if it's just the symbol I could care less which. the only reason i watch censored is cuz they only have dub in censored and i like mikey's dub better than his sub

  45. Shadow Hunter 260

    I don’t get it

  46. I swear some Westerners can't tell the difference from a god dam Nazi symbol and Manji symbol it's really sad just goes to show that there stupid I guess…. ¯_(ツ)_/¯