Top 10 Censored LEGO Sets and Minifigures!

Top 10 Censored LEGO Sets and Minifigures!

This just2good LEGO Top 10 looks at times LEGO made sets kid friendly by a censor certain details – Top 10 “Censored” LEGO Sets and Minifigures!

0:00 Intro
0:34 1 – LEGO Overwatch
1:06 2 – LEGO Dinosaurs / LEGO Jurassic World
2:26 3 – LEGO Star Wars
2:49 4 – LEGO Super Mario
3:27 5 – LEGO Dimensions
4:03 6 – LEGO Batman / The LEGO Movie 2
4:43 7 – LEGO Simpsons
5:59 8 – LEGO Avengers The Infinity Saga
7:21 9 – LEGO Star Wars and BAM
7:54 10 – LEGO Indiana Jones

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  1. I think they didn't add the kids in the Spider-Man cart because they didn't have Lego short legs

  2. You wanna know something that annoys me is that I just looked on Amazon and the Indiana Jones sets go for about £700 wtf

  3. Aren’t they called bullet bill?

  4. What's stupid is Star Wars sets typically ignore Lego's own rules.

  5. Blacksmith Infinite

    Hey Just2good did you know that Jurassic world is a horror movie and Lego is making sets of a HORROR MOVIE 😱😱

  6. With the last one why didnt lego put iron crosses instead

  7. Unit424Wild Olson

    Oh now I know why its called that but before I almost threw it out the window😐

  8. 8:09 is that walter from breaking bad?

  9. Backlog Battlers

    The bro Thor set totally shattered the no alcohol reference "rule" from past sets.

  10. what is the fgets in 6:52???

  11. 6:08 made me laugh out loud lol

  12. No it's bullet bill

  13. with regards to the Buzz Cola for the Simpsons, Homer does rave on about it heaps during the Hit & Run game so it could have been a nod to that

  14. They don't want the Osprey, but they have a Nazi plane

  15. they probably censored slave-1 because they knew that someone on twitter would be like "OMG LEGO THIS IS SO INNPROPRIATE AND RACIST!!!!!!!!!" Kinda like crayola for putting the spanish translation for black on their products

  16. Nice vid-whitty

  17. azert legora felnealljonmar a pocsodon teneked dikkkkkkkk

  18. It's ok that lego censored swastika flag, but all that set represents an action scene with a lot of deaths XD

  19. I think the majority of these were silly decisions by LEGO. Unnecessary for the most part. Only one I could understand would be the nazi plane one.

  20. Oh God, Lego has the balls to overprice their sets but are too chickenshits to use the word "slave" smh

  21. Banzai Bill? I thought it was Bullet Bill?

  22. Not really lego related, but McRee getting his name changed to Cassidy followed a nasty case of Sexual Assault at EA Blizzard by someone of a similar monicker to the original name of McRee, therefore it was changed to avoid any further association.

  23. I thought it was Buller Bill…huh

  24. I thought banzai bill was called bullet bill

  25. Slave 1 got its name in Jango escaped his imprisonment by high jacking the ship used by the prison guards. The name is a reference to his freedom that he won.

  26. Ahaha wow, no Osprey.

  27. But I have a Lego attack helicopter… it’s lego, not some knockoff

  28. 6:51 You could have used the color dropper, if your software has it. Remember that!

  29. Lego censroing Osprey because "war machine killing people" but selling Sopwith Camel biplane with literally 2 mounted machineguns with no problem… yeah… makes sense.


  31. Dr. Banana a.k.a CheerfulWig

    "Banzi" Bill's name is actually Bullet Bill. Because he's a bullet.

  32. pizza delivery springtrap

    Fun fact mccree the guy who mccree was named after had a sexual harassment controversy thats my they named the character cassidy ok maybe not a very fun fact personaliy I think its stupid

  33. Shadow the hedgehog

    I thought they were called bullet bills

  34. regarding the slavery vs war point, I think the difference is within american culture, slavery is almost exclusively associated with the pre-civil war enslavement of black people. especially in 2021, the decision to remove it makes a lot of sense, as a lot more people were talking about how slavery has directly lead to the systemic racism we see today.

    as for war, while there are certainly a handful that stand out & are more culturally relevant to americans, the word itself doesn't have such a specific connotation attached to it. certainly war is still bad, but especially within the context of star wars, the word can still evoke fantasy wars. I think people's beliefs of america entering wars & being the bringer of morality & good allows the word "war" to remain in this sort of neutral context. sure, war is bad, but american culture is full of stories and media of war heroes, the idea of fighting for what's right, how honorable that sacrifice is, etc etc.

    those are just my thoughts, at least. I'm not sure how much of it I personally find to be morally correct, but that's why I think the decision was made. objectively they're two bad things that don't belong in a kids toy set. but through the lens of our culture, how both things are viewed and portrayed, slavery ends up feeling more inappropriate than war. despite that seeming like an insane stance to take on paper

  35. lego is actaully a horrible company like all these sets come from movies where the violence actually happened no doubt the kids wanting the sets have seen the movies so why are they censoring it. It makes no sense

  36. fortnite sex man#4524

    in the lego hogwarts set the blood writing not only looks nothing like blood (even just adding like one cartoony drop running down would've been enough) but despite being red in the instructions the actual sticker is brown

  37. Ollanius_papyrus

    Wait it’s not bullet bill

  38. Julian Sifuentes

    T.a.t.u. has some fire instrumentals , thanks for the throwback

  39. 2:43 Star Military Operations

  40. I feel like the more comedic versions of (some) of the deaths in the Lego games kind of make sense, as they’re supposed to be more goofy and fun than serious.

  41. I had a 2010 lego gun jurrasic park but it broke and it was one of my fav guns🥺

  42. I thought it was bullet bill

  43. I like how Lego avoids war and killing and stuff like that when they literally have lightsabers that can cut anything in half and are meant for battle

  44. It's bullet bill

  45. Hank J. Wimbleton

    check your shower.

  46. Alex Rodenberger

    Bullet bill I thought

  47. No wonder why people are so wet and soppy no days. Back 30 years ago, boys were playing with rifles and playing cowboys and Indians. Now, a rifle is replaced with a tranquilliser to cover violence