Top 10 Times The Simpsons Were Censored

Top 10 Times The Simpsons Were Censored

Too hot for TV, sometimes “The Simpsons” got censored. Our countdown includes TV-MA, New Or-Le-Ans, the Banksy couch gag, and more! Do YOU think “The Simpsons” ever deserved to be censored? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Do YOU think "The Simpsons" ever deserved to be censored? Let us know in the comments!

    Everything Simpsons ->

  2. I think homer was good when he hated gay people

  3. Kinda ironic that the censors didn’t want them to say gay because it was deemed inappropriate but that’s kinda the basis for the whole episode and Homer looks like an idiot. Y’all were being Homer (homerphobic lol) by saying you can’t say gay on tv. Just saying

  4. RobTheDVDCollector and TheYTPMaker

    The first Simpsons episode to get an M rating in Australia was the season 9 finale “Natural Born Kissers” in case you were wondering.

  5. Homer, I can see your doodle!

    Shut up Flanders.

  6. What the hell is so bad about a dagger?
    A sword seems worse to me.

  7. You can add the China episode to the consored list courtesy of the evil empire aka disney

  8. left wing fanatics are censoring everything nowadays

  9. Nami The Cute Elder Dragon Neko

    Well, a thumb isn't a finger, soooo. The way you worded it was like it's not true.

  10. Sooooo crazy .that means kids growing up will never know the "happy birthday Lisa" song and where it comes from. !!

  11. I wanted to watch Stark Raving Dad since my birthday

    Bart and MJ were singing Happy BDay to Lisa

  12. Was kinda thinking the WTC episode wasn’t on the list

  13. Kingdeadpool2008 ali

    mj was innocent they didn't have to do that

  14. So "Stark Raving Dad"… DVD or Bust. Imagine having to show up to your job at The Studio to work only for no one to see it. I know someone had other things they could've been doing. For example, The Birth of their Child. The time spent to produce that episode could've went to something more worthwhile. Removing any episode of any animated TV Series is Straight Up Unreasonable verging on Disrespectful to the Animators, Editors, and Voice Talents that worked very hard to put the content out. Bad Display. 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

  15. Censorship is a joke

  16. Hope they put that on disney plus.

  17. Have you seen the episode where 9/11 was predicted? There was a poster that had the Twin Towers on it, then it had a dollar sign that started with the number nine and the cents were eleven.

  18. Owentayy gaming

    well due to how the fingers are arranged technacly simpson characters do have a middle finger and it is the one right next to the pinky

  19. A good argument for Homer to justify his homophobia would be 'if God has permitted homosexuality, than what happened in Sodom?'

  20. Lat1na_pr1nc3ss

    All of these are on Netflix lol

  21. GALAXYZ Skullz Playzz