Top 20 Censored Video Games

Top 20 Censored Video Games

The content of these video games rubbed some countries the wrong way, leading to them being censored. For this list, we’ll be looking at video games that had to be censored in various countries around the world due to their content – warranted or otherwise! Our countdown includes “Wolfenstein 3D” (1992), “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” (2004), “The Punisher” (2004), “Saints Row IV” (2013), and more! Do you agree with these bits of censorship? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Do you agree with these bits of censorship? Let us know in the comments below!
    For more censored lists like this, click here:

  2. S. "GHOST" Riley

    Censorship should be removed from entertainment, especially video games. It's a fucking video game.

  3. Willliam Taaffe

    Watching this, Australia needs to chill out a bit. Drugs would probably help. 😏

  4. Hey i love cruis n usa and cruis n world and cruis n Exotica!!!!!

  5. Alles was Vlog macht

    Definitely miss here is "Soldier of fortune"!!!

  6. Martha is dead hasnt even been released yet its still summer 2022!

  7. The GTA: San Andreas thing was so ridicules. Not only was the content unavailable without a mod, it wasn't graphic even for that time. I remember a lot of people got hyped by it and got the uncensored version only to be really disappointed when they found out it was only two fully clothed people with a sex animation.

  8. sailordarkjupiter

    How did Martha is dead released in winter of 2022? 😂😂😂

  9. This is why Modders for Pc are so needed.they can fix stuff like this.(looking at you hot coffee mod)

  10. "Released in the winter of 2022"
    A time travelling game?

  11. This is why i hate nintendo

  12. I'm so glad I had (still have) the Codebreaker for the PS2 and was able to get rid of those wacky filter/censors for Manhunt 2.

    Overall, censoring stuff in games is just plain stupid.

  13. The Runaway Kid

    I need to play fahrenheit/the indigo prophecy one day it’s really clever how the characters stories collide and the split screen when tense scenes are happening- I’ve watched a playthrough but I guess it’s not the same as playing it for yourself, pretty cool to think that the devs went on to make heavy rain!

  14. Could anyone help me to find the song that playing on the background? Please?

  15. That jiggle ain't no glitch

  16. Winter of 2022 hasn’t happened. Man, that REALLY threw me through a loop

  17. He said that Martha is dead was released in winter 2022. So what’s the future like?

  18. Kind of sucks for some countries that they had to get censored versions of games. But hopefully the gamers there basically bought the uncensored version‘s or somehow obtained them by. Other means.

  19. To be fair none of these are really bad it just people with thin skin. I stand by this statement

  20. I.Love.Horror.Movies

    That Punisher game was so good in my opinion.

  21. I'm A Playstation Guy But If they Keep Censoring games I will just sell my PS5 and go Straight PC gaming in fact most of my gaming ATM is PC anyway!!! I'm an adult I can handle M rated Games not a company to tell me what I can and cannot see!!!

  22. Dustin Kopperman

    Saints Row 4

  23. Don't play street fighter because against Islam

  24. They left out postal ?

  25. Wild Production's

    Petition for a new conker called, "Conkers Back Baby." With a rated M rating. No censorship please. ❤️ we need this soon.

  26. Dimah’s World


  27. The Moldy Bread Guys

    They should make Bitlife an actual full 3d game

  28. I just finished playing through Saints Row 4……it's a brilliant, hilarious masterpiece!

  29. Really surprised not seeing Tokyo Mirage Sessions on here considering what a big deal it was for a lot of folks

  30. That "sex scene" in San Andreas is exactly the same as the CLOTHED scenes in Ride to Hell Retribution and that was an M rated game.

  31. It's amazing how much control governments have. 😳😬

  32. Oh please! This sort of thing is what has empowered the "woke-tards" had has ruined everything in entertainment they touch.