Triple boot Apple Mac easily, with OS X , Fedora Linux and Windows 10

This video is a tutorial on how to triple boot your Apple mac with OS X Linux and Windows. This Video uses Sierra, Fedora and Windows 10.
This is a very easy method and doesn’t require creating hybrid partitions. Each operating system is installed onto the standard Apple hard drive (GPT) in a standard partition.

The cheap USB to ethernet adaptor for retina users mentioned in the video is available here.



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Intro Screen Music Credit: RetroVision – Puzzle [NCS Release]


Video music credit: Jim Yosef – Canary [NCS Release]

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  1. Hopefully a new method is added, this keeps giving me the MacEFI block

  2. Thank you for this. Will be trying on my iMac

  3. Nice, and thank you, except I can't get Windows 10 to show up at all. And no offense, but the music in the background is kind of annoying – maybe just a little quieter or not at all. It's not bad, but it's kind of distracting.

  4. Hi Ed, great video! … i am trying to triple boot my 2018 MacBook Pro with Big Sur, Windows 10, and Linux. But I keep on running into issues with "EFI Boot". whenever I try to install Linux, it always crashes. Can you please do a new video with Big Sur, Windows 10, and Linux?

  5. hi! Hola.
    Tengo un macbookpro con disco de 500gb. Quiero usar 75% del tiempo windows, 20% linux y 5% Mac. Que tamaño mínimo me recomiendas dejar en la particion Mac yem linux para igualmente tenerlas operativas correctamente?

  6. Thanks for this – i've just been gifted my son's old Macbook Air so will be trying this soon.
    A couple of questions:
    Can you change the description on the boot screen so it shows Windows instead of EFI?
    Can you install more than three OS this way ?
    Many thanks

  7. Thanks man. You’re a live saver. Literally.

  8. Can I add Linux if I have OSX and Windows already with bootcamp?

  9. For some messed up reasons, I wanna dual boot my existing Linux with Windows on my Mac,can someone help me?

  10. Can u make how to triple boot in new MacBook pro 16 , linux, mac, windows,

  11. MX LINUX is way better still ranking number 1 )

  12. Can I install kali linux the same way?

  13. Incredibly awesome guide. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  14. Is there anyway to rename EFI Boot? anyone

  15. I assume I can do this with Ubuntu?

  16. Bro u gotta clean your screen lmfaooo

  17. I'm not sure why my whole windows os was gone when I unplugged the USB drive. Maybe because I'm also entering ubuntu with EFI. My computer seems to swap the windows and ubuntu. I'm so scared to unplug my USB now. Does anyone know how to solve this?

  18. Not sure why I'm not able to connect to the internet from windows 10

  19. Thank you it Work i tried this about 5 times following multiple tutorials, greetings from Mexico!

  20. Does this works with OS X Catalina?

  21. I have an error when partitioning

  22. Can you do the same process if you have an external USB drive? I have a 500mb SSD drive in an external USB3.0 enclosure. My macbook pro drive is already setup for dual boot and would prefer to not mess when the existing space allocations/configurations not to mention space is a bit of a concern

  23. Thank you. I was using a Macbook Pro with Mojave. The Fedora software writer did not work, so I manually did it, The partitions were a bear, but got them all assigned. Now I can tripple boot!!!!

  24. Thanks, have you any experience with hackintosh ? as I built a pc to run hackintosh which is still pretty solid running Sierra. But I'd like to move to Linux. So I've bought a new SSD to install Linux on as ive heard dual booting on the same drive isnt a good idea ? I've got a gigabyte z97 d3h MB – the hackintosh uses the clover bootloader so is it straight forward to install linux on a new drive? Will it boot ok alongside the hackintosh? Cheers

  25. Anyone have issues getting audio, microphone, and camera to work in windows 10 when doing this install with a mid 2012 macbook pro?

  26. Would it be possible to do it with High Sierra + Windows boot and Yosemite? I need yosemite to run old software

  27. Hey, I tried that. It works pretty straight forward until I get to the point where Windows 10 can't finish the installation. The message says "Starting configuration could not be updated. Installation could not be finished. Any idea? I heard of setting MBR to protective or unprotective….

  28. 2018 and works 100% on my MacBook Pro from 2012. Thank you.

  29. Did Everything you said but I cannot load back into my MacOSX

  30. good instructions but, that is too much work and can be dangerous if you know what I mean!

  31. Really good vid. I like how you didn't need to install ReFIT, and were able to use the native Mac bootloader – exactly what I was after!! Cheers!

  32. i just tried this and when i click to boot fedora it still opens osx

  33. background music is too loud