Turok Dinosaur Hunter CENSORED – Human Enemies Changed To Robots

Turok Dinosaur Hunter CENSORED – Human Enemies Changed To Robots

Did you know the German version of Turok Dinosaur Hunter censor the humanoid enemies and blood? In the German version of Turok 1, all humanoid enemies are robots!

*This video is for documentary purposes. Any material found in this video exists solely to document video game censorship for informational reasons only.*

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  1. A country who killed millions of innocent people can't kill fake people in a video game. Ryche.

  2. Nation of Masturbation

    Wish I knew beforehand, thanks

  3. Am telling you, robots where more scary.

  4. everythings better with pirates? everythings better with robot Pirates

  5. rountreeeightyfive

    When this game came out, it was probably the most realistic looking blood I’d ever seen in a video game. I wish you could dismember the enemies though, that would be sexy.

  6. everything is better with Pirates? Evereything is better with Robot Pirates.

  7. So… what is censored here?

  8. This change actually encouraged me to play this game. it's funny to play the german release and kill robots knowing they were changed, and yeah i do like robots, that's why i love Probotector.

  9. didnt half life do the same thing ?

  10. Señor Dossier [Retro reviews, Coleccionismo & más]

    Wobots! :v /

  11. Man, kinda wish we had a way to fight the robots in the English version. I like their designs.

  12. Gotte give Acclaim credit, tho.
    They created all new models and sounds for the german version of Turok.

  13. damn i like the robo version much more :O awesome!!

  14. What's up with Germans and robots.

  15. I wish you put the note in the video instead of the description. Don't want to sound bratty.

  16. Those constantly repeating textures need to be censored,  ack!!!