UPDATE – How To Install RC Windows 11 VM on a QNAP NAS + Software Tweaks for BEST Performance


For a FREE 1 year trial license of ANY QNAP licensed software, please email [email protected], with your QID (The email account associated with your QNAP NAS) and which software you’d like to trial. The license should appear in your account within 48 hours. Virtualization Station adds incredible versatility to your NAS. From using your NAS as a PC by connecting a keyboard, mouse, and HDMI display to creating private virtual networks between VMs, you can also use USB and GPU* pass-through to provide your VMs and NAS with greater functionality and performance. With built-in data protection features such as Snapshots, VMs can easily be protected against failure and data loss.

Virtualization Station supports various modern and legacy operating systems, from Microsoft Windows XP to Windows Server, as well as popular UNIX-like systems such as Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS, FreeBSD and Sun Solaris.

A built-in Access Control List (ACL) allows you to easily manage access to specific virtual machines. You can assign either control or view-only permissions of each VM to specific users.

Virtualization Station allows you to centrally monitor and manage every VM while allocating resources such as CPU, memory, and storage capacity.

Virtualization Station allows you to access USB devices* connected to the NAS from one or many VMs. GPU pass-through is also supported** by specific models with suitable power supplies to allow the usage of a compatible graphics card to empower VMs with higher processing capabilities and OpenGL and DirectX support.

Command lines

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  1. How did you setup your NIC on the Virtual Switch, I have two NIC's both with a wire and DHCP/Static IPv4 according to the MAC.

    NIC2 is in a Virtual Switch and have a VM using that one, but cant get internet…

  2. Is there any performance advantage of using UltraVNC from the guest tools CD rather than the built in Windows Remote Desktop client?

  3. How do I get Win11 to recognize that the VM is on an SSD rather than HDD? I have the VM disk image on an SSD volume, but task manager reports it as a HDD. Does it even matter? I thought Windows treated SSDs and HDDs differently. I am using VirtIO.

  4. I've never used a VM, but my TS-873a with just 4 cores would it be man enough, also would it be able to see my other QNAP's local Samba shares over the LAN and access the Internet too?

  5. For Windows VM, I like to use VirtIO type for the hard drive as well as the network card. XQL for the video type.

  6. Thanks Jim. I'll give that a shot when I get some time.

  7. That was so helpful. I was stuck on that boot screen for a long time. I also had very slow install speed trying to use the IDE drivers. nice to see you can pick a driver during install. I've got this link bookmarked for the next time i setup a vm.

    Suggestion for video: Memory settings. I'd like to know more about the "overcommitment", optimizer and more.

  8. On the UEFI shell screen.. I think I just type exit, and then then cursor down to continue and press any key to boot it to cd.
    The network VirtIO type also will give the best performance.

  9. I recently tried to setup a Windows 11 VM on my TS-253D. It gave an error related to hardware specs not compatible with Windows 11. Windows 11 specs states that a 4 core CPU is required? How many CPU Cores did you assign to the VM?

  10. Well done. This virtualization station Windows 11 install seemed very responsive and fast. Clearly using an NVMe SSD for the VM has its benefits. However, there didn’t seem to be any mention of the model of QNAP NAS this demo was run on. Cheers.