Upload Picture Flutter Firebase Storage #8

You will learn how to take a picture from the camera in Flutter and upload the image to Firebase Storage and setup Firebase Storage emulator.

Flutter is a modern UI toolkit for creating beautiful UI that uses the Skia engine to draw elements to the screen.

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Source Code for Episode 8 – Upload Profile Picture with Firebase Storage with MobX

git clone
git fetch origin episode-8
git checkout -b episode-8 origin/episode-8

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00:00 Intro
00:48 Specifications
📃 Diagram representation of the app state management as a proxy for firebase services
1:37 Setup Firebase Storage Emulator
📃 Added the storage.rules and added storage emulator properties on firebase.json
📃 Changed pub spec to add dependencies for storage and image picker
📃 Declare the firebase storage emulator on the code
3:48 Add all store listeners on HomePage init
📃 Transform the home page as stateful widget
📃 Move chat screen init listener into HomePage
4:37 Create a User State class
📃 Create a method to sync users data from firebase firestore
📃 Create a method to add/update user info in firebase firestore
📃 Create a method to take a picture from camera and upload it to firebase storage
📃 Generate the public download URL to sync in the user’s firebase firestore records
16:15 Add image picker button
17:33 Demo
20:40 Add profile picture view to persons and chats listview screen
22:26 Demo
24:29 Next Episode
24:40 Announcements
25:28 Collaboration on the chat app repository

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  1. Here's the designer's website that did this channel's branding:

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