We fixed Windows 10 – Microsoft will HATE this!

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Windows 10 is known to come with a lot of telemetry and other “features” that reduce privacy in order to work as “software as a service”. Thankfully, there’s an effort to ameliorate this…

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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

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  1. I just want to let people know today, i read the EULA that you have to accept before you can install windows 10, and by accepting the EULA (Which you HAVE to to install windows) You are agreeing to let them collect whatever data they want to help their AI to "better understand" and learn. They also automatically upload your files to one drive. Why would anyone be ok with that? lol. I think Linux is the way of the future, unless microsoft comes out with a special version of windows that lets you pick and choose what in install, but i dont see that happening. Even tho Linux is probably the future, im gonna continue to ride that Win 7 train straight into the ground lol.

  2. Lol, sure if you want to tinker around. But nahhh remove all of the Windows 10, that makes it Windows 10. Seams a bit shit. Install XP. We all know you want to.

  3. So basically, if you want the pitfalls of Linux, with everything but the useable stuff in Windows, use this!

  4. Thank you for making the video.

  5. Windows + Tab doesn't go through windows in windows 11 as well…

  6. 4:55 left a like just cause of this moment

  7. Linus: "where are all the settings"
    All the missing settings were literally just options to disable spyware or bloatware, the fact there is very little settings left just goes to show how little "settings" the Windows 10 "settings" menu allowed you to tweak.

    I had to manually disable the Xbox app due to it being broken and sending me a barrage of notifications whenever I played a game, I mean every second it would ding and bing thinking I received a notification, there was no option to disable the Xbox app from starting up with all my games (there was, but it was greyed out) there was no option to uninstall it (there was, but it was greyed out) I had to download a program that basically searched my hard rive for the app, place it in a "quarantine" nuke it off my hard rive and then create a spoof app that stopped Windows from refusing to play my games unless I re-downloaded it.

    That was the reason a life long Microsoft "fanboy" rage-quit Windows and finally embraced Ubuntu+SteamOS, I shouldn't have to create fake bloatware to stop the broken Microsoft bloatware from making my games unplayable, all bloatware has the decency to allow me to uninstall it, except for Microsoft who believe that games on Windows 10 shouldn't be allowed to start unless its accompanied by their Xbox app. The crazy thing is before that the Xbox app didn't even load in my games because I uninstalled it on day 0 with no issues because they decided to install Candy Crush on my PC without my permission, so I went full on purge mode with all the apps. A Windows "security" update reinstalled it and disabled all the options to disable it, what Microsoft turned that app into is the literal definition of malware, to be fair all Microsoft software after 7 meets the definition of malware.

    But stripping away my ability to disable or remove unwanted or broken features or in this case literal malware, is not what I want from my OS, I don't mind a simplified "appy" "tiley" surface level interface for all the dumb dumbs who wet their pants at the sight of control panel (those people don't actually exist, but Microsoft believes all their users are drooling idiots that can't operate a toaster without serious risk of bodily harm, hence the reason Microsoft has padded all their "Windows" with round edges in case their users cut themselves on the sharp digital corners) what I do care about is the lack of deeper settings than the surface level settings, since the surface level settings for audio is an entire 27-inch display dedicated to an audio slider from 0-100, thats not settings, I literally have dedicated buttons that allow me to control that "setting" built into my keyboard and that only cost me like £15-£20, why do I need an entire screen sized page with a single slider? Why doesn't that page include "settings" like swapping my audio outputs from headphones to speakers, or "settings" like reducing the volume of specific apps, "settings" that were included with XP but not Windows 11?!?!

    Windows 95 makes Windows 11 look like a clunky mess, 95 was actually easier to use than whatever 11 is trying to be, 95 packed tons of settings into these small little GUI things called "Windows", which is revolutionary compared to "Windows" 11 since ever toggle, switch, button and slider takes up the entire screen and has its own dedicated page in the "settings" app, and that's ignoring the fact that Microsoft has decided its users can't be trusted with those buttons and gray's half of them out!

  8. removing windows update (or disable them permanently) is like having sex without condom , you will get fuck hard in the future

  9. I love the bubbles screen saver.

  10. when you are installing Windows, you can disable a ton of (privacy) options very easily, just so you know.

  11. 3:48 your attitude towards older people stinks, my friend. Not all boomers are tech idiots stuck in the past.

  12. To use DX12 unsupported features, you can use DXVK on Windows

  13. "We" fixed… when all you did was REVIEW somebody else 'work'
    at least change the title of the video…

  14. "We fixed Windows 10!"

    Installs Linux instead

  15. what about Sycnex /
    Windows10Debloater ?

  16. I hate apple. Never buy a mac.

  17. Windows mail is not outlook don't even @ me I will fight this to the death.

  18. Simply the best; l’m gonna divorce my wife and marry you❤😂

  19. "we've all evolved past screensavers at this point as a species" Linus mesmerized by the vista bubbles

  20. Is windows 11 worth it after all the controversy?

  21. Not using browser for mail is "out"? Maybe if you have just one or two mail accounts tops.
    Meanwhile, you have four hotmail accounts (one of them as dummy online sign-up account against spam, but you have to go there each time to verify).
    And multiple gmail accounts for creating multiple accounts on your favorite MMORPG private server(s).
    Having them all in Mail makes multiple mail checks much easier.

  22. is dead. do not download, outdated so no security updates. If u're going to get any "fork" windows OS thingy, you are at the mercy forever of security updates, so it's replacing MS overlords for the tech team/person overlord who commands each security update integration from main windows into the AMI or whatever version of Windows you have. Basically a pirated copy of windows that is not connected to win services so from the get go is absent of bloatware including security stuff, idk 2022 if its a thing anymore the serious non adware virus because TPM, secure boot and other Microsoft copyright & devices built in the Bios etc, making effectively Linux user legally allowed by a MS waiver for booting up (non-MS security integrated in the MS OS-only). Any new iteration of any of this systems which make all your hardware rubbish except if it works and has MS security checks and TRUST systems by default, will continually integrate restraints to the point where we might be reduced to users and subscribers to hardware-software-services all bound into one, prolly through cloud computing like gaming with Geforce NOW effectively, where owning or not the hardware is irrelevant for all intents and purposes

  23. Anthony is as usual just killing it !! 7:18 … dying here🤣🤣😂😅