What's new in MacOS Big Sur in under 3 minutes

Big Sur is now Apple’s first desktop OS designed in concert with their own processors, and apple is promising big improvements in speed, security, and battery life.

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  1. WTF are you taking about??? I'm just a normal Macbook user. I just want to know the new features… Oh, there aren't any??? :)))

  2. Bluetooth doesn't work properly… It got crazy, my airpods connect and disconnect automatically. I tap the airpods to answer a call on macbook and they disconnect or the call automatically is answered on my Iphone. A huge fail!! I am looking forward to updates fixing this.

  3. uhm why is the main volume so low…. on my pristine MBPR mid 2015 speakers. GAIN PLEASE!

  4. Big Sur, that's what she said 😏

  5. With Big Sur, I’m experiencing Big Problems. The “copy paste” function across iPhone and MacBook is not working, safari is extremely laggy with online meetings (and it’s not internet’s fault but more like ram sensitivity when one or more apps are launched, even is they have nothing to do with internet connection, mess up the connection) and the microphone, plus some keyboard keys don’t respond (like the screen brightness and the volume). All this problems momentarily disappeared if the MacBook is rebooted, but will eventually start popping again like hiccups. This, my personal experience, just validates the point of “Don’t update yet to Big Sur.” Wait for at least a month for the first patches to come up.

  6. Big Sur is no good for older Macs. Drains battery quite fast. It's clear they want to push us to switch to the new M1.

  7. Big Sur update 12GB its download 10x slower my internet sir

  8. Great update of macOS big sur , its a great update of Mac maps and safari and also a good look of all icon. Hopefully, all users are satisfied and enjoy the new update if u want more about big sur then visit my channel. thanks

  9. Apple's speaker always seem like the most disingenuous people ever born.

  10. I'm watching this while Big Sur downloads, I hope the video finishes first so I'll know if I'm making a mis….

  11. wait i want to play among us on laptop? am i only able to do this if i have M1?????

  12. I will install it on raspberry pi 4 .. 😁

  13. Anyone else know how to download among us since I’ve updated?

  14. Just upgraded- no internet access

  15. como puedo poner mi iPhone y ver mis apps?

  16. Any idea if the iMac Mini & iMac Pro Kernel panic bug_type 210 Mojave & Catalina issue has been solved on the Big Sur?

  17. Can it run 32 as well as 64 bit apps?

  18. Does Logic Pro X older version works on Big Sur?

  19. Just go buy something else

  20. 1:50 I finally enjoy life because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  21. Finally, Apple fan boys can run CS:GO on low setting @1920 x 1080 30 fps

  22. Was that asphalt 9 nitro in the end? Are you freaking kidding me that game is for smartphones

  23. So this is kinda a dumb question so I’m a new MacBook user and I just got a pro can I get the Big Sur update or do you need to purchase the newest models of macs coming out

  24. Microsoft ads in apple video 😅😂😂

  25. How much did HBO pay to not have the AppleTV app on this presentation. Seriously??

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