Who Censored Israel?

Who Censored Israel?

Satellite images of Israel are some of the blurriest of any place on the Earth. Find out why, who’s responsible, and what effects that brings with it.







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  1. Rusty Shackelford

    Israel did.

  2. Vebster For YouTube


  3. leandro cerrano

    love the preview lmao

  4. Trans-parent Bi-stander

    This is really weird, I live in Israel and I learn more from YouTube then my 9 years of going to school here and 15.5 tears of living, except for one show our school took us to

  5. סרטון מעולה

  6. שמחה לוין

    I would expect you to research a bit before you say nonsense like the Golan and Samaria are not Israel when they are clearly are. turns out you are anather ignorant on the internet

  7. שמחה לוין


  8. got a google ad when opening this and thought it was serious

  9. US: "My great grandpa passed that law! It will be there for historical reasons!"
    China: "WW2 is not history… it literally happened a few years ago… It's just old unusable weapons. Of course you can buy it for 10$!"

  10. Ok you gotta be from israel yourself the way you pronounced the name of the country is like in Hebrew

  11. 16.000th like

  12. Israel doesn't even want the KBA. For what else, govMap would be like it is?

  13. אילן קיסר

    Israeli here, you had some mistake:
    First of all the golan hightes and the west bank have been a part of israel since 1967. Second of all there are publicly accessible high quality maps of israel released by the government on their own site however I do not believe that they're accessible outside of israel

  14. אופיר אבל

    So hey as a person from israel that can read hebrew i did some reaserch about israeli law and well there is a law about satalite photography in milletery bases other than that i couldnt really find anything about civilian grounds
    Edit: but i know for a fact high reselution detaild maps of israel are publicly avilable for sale even phisycal copies (seeing as i literly own a satelite map of israel)

  15. Simple: no one wants to see Israel as it’s a false state.

  16. Fernando van Giesen

    nobody gonna talk about the 9's at 1:08 being q's

  17. Well said… Y is it still around.

  18. Gorgo The Greatest

    2:39 its W.D. Gaster's Alphabet

  19. I never knew I wanted to watch videos about map censorship. I'm hooked.

  20. Hi, Israeli representative. If you are interested in translating Hebrew documents, I might be able to help depending on the depth of the document and legal complexity. Nice video!

  21. Censored? It doesn't even exist

  22. Jakk Aka Sunset

    5:24 A V12 DRS would be pretty nice ngl
    Just slap a turbo in there and maybe a bit of KERS and she will be pretty quick

  23. so isreal has burring but north korea looks as clear as glass

  24. Who the F* cares?

  25. Nice video on a regulation that even I as a native didn't knew existed. Interesting.

  26. "It takes the John Cena approach"
    So it sells its entire security grid to China?

  27. Blurring a military base only makes it stand out more.

  28. אתה רציני?!?!!?!??!

  29. yes who

  30. hey i can see the comments now i guess the school blocking comments dident work lol

  31. יואיאווי

  32. You know kids get killed every time

  33. 🏳️‍🌈oji vlogs🏳️‍🌈

    This law was "useful" before you could buy a drone at at any gadget shop

  34. 🏳️‍🌈oji vlogs🏳️‍🌈

    Finally someone is talking about it, I hate it

  35. I’m from israel

  36. The dumb American

    Me yes I did it I did all this I censored Israel because money big bucks and also the Mets ITS ALL ABOUT THE METS

  37. kyl-bingcgasfcchfxx-amebbnant

  38. German: what? Why’s everyone looking at me?

  39. because they scared from us 🇵🇸 🇵🇸

  40. germany

  41. I’m Jewish and they censored isreal :(:(:(:(

  42. This video made me want to start a company, launch satelites into space and release high resolution images of israel out of spite. A geopolitical shitpost if you will

  43. well not anymore! time to nuke the nuclear pla-