Who is Censored More? Liberals vs Conservatives | Middle Ground

Who is Censored More? Liberals vs Conservatives | Middle Ground

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Leah –
Joseph –
Lawrence –

0:00 Intro
2:04 The right is more censored than the left
11:42 Tech companies should be allowed to ban whoever they want
17:51 Spreading lies should be protected as free speech
22:11 Some people should not have a platform
28:48 Dashlane offer

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  1. This channel should stop calling Leftist Liberals. Clearly they're different and it shows. That chick and the suit guy are probably far left and far right and only acting because they're on camera.

  2. To be faiiiirr it was from China tho lol

  3. Woke left idiots Dumb ass liberals

    Dif the right is more sensor, the main stream media is all left

  4. I hate the whole “what about Buildings” rhetoric. Just get property insurance

  5. Michael the conservative was so disappointing. He literally offered nothing. Or they edited him out.

  6. Can they do independents vs liberals and conservatives?

  7. Well most of liberal cancal is happening BECAUSE if someone just say something that differ from their ideology thay cancle him even if he someone from their side

  8. Still in the beginning but I must comment this. I’m so tired of people saying, “Oh the riots and burning buildings down, etc” You will find that most people don’t agree with burning businesses down, especially small businesses and more so in poor areas where that’s all they have access to. But how come no one ever brings up Tulsa, OK and Black Walk Street when they are pointing the finger? People act like this is something new and unheard of. The difference is in 2021 people were outraged by the unnecessary deaths and injustices. Meanwhile, back then it was purely a hate driven massacre and law enforcement were the ones that provided much of the weapons. 35 blocks burned down and countless lives murdered to put black people in their place and dislocate them. I wonder if any reparations were done? Probably not because we’re in the US where there is very little justice for those that truly deserve it.

  9. Companies should be able to ban people even if they have bias, but they shouldn’t promote a neutral image. Like Jordan Peterson being banned from YT

  10. These are the perfect people to be able to talk about this. I honestly only stayed because I saw Lawrence

  11. As an independent skeptic who appreciates nuance… if you can see “context” in burning and looting peoples’ businesses to the ground,
    You have to allow yourself to see the context behind things like the January 6 event, also.

  12. I think it should very telling to conservatives that the reason they don't like/trust the fact-checkers is because some of their views don't conform to reality. Is it really more plausible that the fact-checkers are all being dishonest? Similarly, if I'm failing every class I'm taking, is it that all my teachers are out to get me, or am I just not studying the material/facts sufficiently?

  13. It’s not even close. Conservatives are censored much more. 90% of the media is left bias.

  14. i love herrrr, she would be a great older sister

  15. I moved to the US to practice free speech. I’m free speech all the way

  16. I think while Conservatives are censored a bit more then Liberals it’s nothing compared to Socialist. For YouTube the most censored are historians as they get de monetized for mentioning anything bad.

  17. Being white doesn’t mean you’re not with Black Lives Matter. We see several white liberals within the BLM cult. That’s the one thing the young liberal woman got completely wrong

  18. I still can’t believe liberals excuse riots by disregarding the innocent lives inside the buildings they potentially harm when they destroy the building

  19. “Ben Sharpairo”?! 🤡🤣 gotta learn to pronounce the name properly before you speak of it

  20. Michael eats a little too much of rightwing media, like denying the Kung Flu incident and also the Alex Jones frog implication – yes, the chemical is in public waters, but its like 1 drop per 10,000 olympic sized pools which is not enough to alter any chemistry in a human's body, and also frogs and humans are not the same so why would they even react the same way xD if you don't believe just read the study for urself i believe it was done by uc berkley.

  21. Girl in the blue is so condescending and rude, really seems like the kind of person who thinks she is above everyone else.

  22. “Ben Sharpiro”

  23. Fact checking is EVERYBODY'S own responsibility! That's why we need all the information out there. Also police is still alive and they will put people in responsibility when they put out harmful misinformation. It's not the job of the corporation.

  24. Interesting, the asian guy wasn't the one offended by "kungflu" only the other ones did 🤔

  25. Conservative speech is always censored more than liberal speech because conservatives are considered racist when they won't give away their money to people who haven't earned it.

  26. Who the hell is Ben sharpartoro

  27. Would be nice to see a moderate's take on middle ground.

  28. I'd say conservatives are more likely to be censored more often since they're more likely to break ToS of a platform. I think this is obvious if you account the fact that ToS primarily ban hate speech, racism, homophobia, etc., which are most times expressed by the right-leaning people. No one is banned from a platform just for being a conservative, however, they should be if they keep harassing marginalized people (e.g. misgendering trans people, saying the n-word,…)

  29. How the hell do these guys not see a problem with burning cities? And what the hell are these idiots rioting for when criminals have interactions with police? Stop doing criminal acts.

  30. Let’s all agree the conservatives are just generally bad people for the most part and call it a day.

  31. Of course the white, male, conservative doesn’t think history has any “left” people that have been black listed. Last time I check, Colin kapernick was black listed for having a voice. People Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther king jr literally DIED for what they believed in, I consider that being black listed… permanently.

  32. I hate the left too much to actually give a fuck what they have to say. They torched 9 cities; why should I care about their feelings?

  33. Ben "Shar-pie-row" 😂😂😂

  34. Conservatives are definitely censored more. All of hollywood is liberal, all the mainstream media is liberal. All social media apps are predominantly liberal. If a Conservative would express their opinion they would be canceled right away.

  35. The most interesting part of this is that no one here has the ability or will to fight against the person that requires violence.