WHY did I get my hopes up? – Windows 11 Announcement

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Microsoft’s poorly-kept secret was let out of the bag early – Perhaps intentionally. But how much did we REALLY learn before today’s announcement? And did we learn anything today?

Windows 11’s official landing page:

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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:53 What’s a “Windows 11”?
1:20 New design!
1:57 Window management is cool
3:35 What about gaming???
4:09 New input stuff
5:13 Teams is integrated now…? And dictation!
6:21 Windows Store – Can Android make it good?
7:07 Widgets aren’t Gadgets
7:40 Pricing and availability
8:09 System requirements… And caveats.
9:57 Hope it’s good…

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  1. I'll still be using 10 for the foreseeable future, until they release 12 and it's actually good, because 11 is not, it's not terrible, but 10 is just better.

  2. XP, Vista and 7, perfect.
    8, 10, 11: totally suck.

  3. Thanks to Windows 11 i've now use Linux. No more bloatware/waiting 1 year for a bugfix in this house!

  4. Microsoft: Nobody else other than Windows 11 lets you tile windows
    Me (seeing this in linux in a tiling window manager named "bspwm"): Seriously?

  5. Whenever using it the touch targets were too small on remote desktop. Plus the corner of the windows is still there, it's just not rendered. They didn't add a sine to the corner, you have to click the invisible corner.

  6. The explanation is fine.The problem is that later it refuses to install INSIDER and if it is not enabled, some games do not work.An example Assassins-Creed-Valhalla it doesn't work without INSIDER.I tried to get Insider to work with some tweaks but when he wants to install it, he says that an error has occurred.Microsoft will lose a lot of users due to Windows 11 because of this shit because the better solution is to switch to Linux Ubuntu where there are no such problems.Microsoft made a huge mistake in order to make their own money.

  7. because no one ever said "why can't bing and microsoft edge just f*ck off"

  8. 1:36

    Him: Hm, You feel that?

    Me: bro i feel it holy sh-

  9. If only mac was cheap , i would have switched, i can't deal with how unstable windows has got

  10. My laptop just cries to be updated to win 11

  11. It is painfully slow and doesn't support many applications

  12. I am just gonna say that I switched to Windows11 and I regret

  13. What'd they change? I didn't even notice the update

  14. 2021 ? Need to update this information ! Here a year later , it's sounding like there are more issues with Win 11 than just , "WEEEEeeeeee it will now interface Toasters" (Counsels and phones) with the PC Overlords more easily . Frankly Phone and Tablet screens are too small to do anything meaningful game play other than games like Angree Birds or minefield on . .

  15. Secure Boot and TPM are unacceptable tbph. I for one won't be going for 11.

  16. Well win 11 isn't avalibe till January 5th 2022 apparently. Or so says my PC

  17. I'll continue using Linux.

  18. windows 10 wasnt good. the last good windows was windows 7.

  19. Take your hat off indoors you irritating jackass doofus. Oh wait. You’re bald! 😂😂

  20. What do you expect. They made the os so it only works on new hardware.
    So all of you with the previous 1 or 2 gens of hardware forget it… especially AMD.
    Windows 11 licence what happens to my Windows 10 lifetime licence?

  21. Microsoft bring change that nobody asked for.
    Just a MacOS rip off.

  22. Window 11 sucks. 😅 Reality still same

  23. I guess the head likes tiktok😂👌👌

  24. A Wana be Apple 🍎 😩 😫

  25. 6:00 if there’s anyone who knows about unnecessary digs at Apple, it’s Linus

  26. Finally pushed me to Mac OS….. thanks Windows!

  27. People talking on and on about windows new app store situation and yet here i am using package manager in linux

  28. "Linux is nobody else apparently"
    They really more or less are. They just have a market share of 2.38%. That's including all of its iterations.
    Wanna game? Well you can mostly forget that if going for Linux.
    Microsoft is just epitome of height for gamers.
    And no, Linux + VM leads in most cases, in a noticeable performance drop, especially if you having a low to medium tier hardware at best.
    And anyone else, just sticks with Mac OS.
    Linux as a main OS has no future, leaving the enthusiasts aside.
    Not a Microsoft fan (I use Mac)
    But all these, "I love Linux" bs without addressing its Flaws and no future in mainstream potential is just dumb.

  29. when windows 10 stops being supported i will switch to linux and hopefully gaming will be more supported on linux by then

  30. Microsoft: don’t have any internet for a Xbox one? Buy a 360
    Microsoft later: don’t have all the system requirements for windows 11? Buy a new pc