Why macOS Big Sur Is The Most Important Release Ever

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MacOS has had a long history, stretching back to 1984 with the original classic operating system. It set a new standard for computing by popularizing the graphical user interface and mouse. Since that initial release, macOS has gone through many iterations, but this video isn’t about the operating system’s history, that’ll be for another time. Today, I’m going to explain the significance of the most recent macOS version called Big Sur, to be released sometime this fall. It marks a completely new era for the Mac, and lays the groundwork for future models featuring Apple’s custom-designed ARM processors that could completely change the way Macs are used.

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  1. Clean my Mac is not even approved by apple and this dude is promoting it

  2. I would hate it if they merged macOS and iPadOS: I love the design of macOS and it's advanced functionalities and customization, and above all the menu bar and I could not bear separating from it. I hope they never take it off and they never merge the two OSs.

  3. Can you show how to change system app/folder icons without breaking the system? The UI is terrible in not following the squircle across everything.

  4. guess what with macOS montery you can drag your cursor to your iPad and iMac you can do even 3 devices and eve.n drag documents i learned this from the event

  5. Clean my Mac X is "only 35 dollars annually" 😎

  6. It may sounds off topic, but comon „Clean my Mac X“ that HDD icon with the Disk and Readinghead is outdated, same as the icon Apple still keeps at MacOS. Thanks Greg for that great video again.

  7. The background music of Apple Explained videos never gets old 😉

  8. The steep crib experimentally lock because mouth covalently balance via a filthy curtain. penitent, seemly selection

  9. PowerPC users had maybe 3-4 years of support. So what about legacy (2015 up to the current selling Intel) on Big Sur? By support I mean updates not just critical security fixes.

  10. They removed the calculator widget. Trash.

  11. I still don't understand why Big Sur should be the most important and I prefer the look of Catalina.

  12. More than 10 years later and the iPad STILL doesn't have a calculator built in to iPadOS

  13. The power of the current Apple M1 is not fully revealed because most of apps & AAA games don't support it! Just wait for it to be supported to be amazed!! I wish the success only to Apple ARM chips because they deserve it. They will help us pulling us from he Nvidia & intel greed swamp! Nvidia, intel & windows producing slow advancement tech with compatibility issues products for insane price. Nvidia & intel are the reason I hated my MacBook Pro & switch back to windows!

    I'm grateful to God to live & see this chip exist! This Apple M chips moments is actually as the moment as first iPhone released!

    I'm pretty sure not only me going to change to MacBook Pro later this year when MBP reveals the beast inside, most of the people are If the PC industry not going to catch the ARM PC version race!

    About storage:

    I would suggest to buy the smallest internal SSD & use it only for OS & apps & buy a thunderbolt flash drive for production, same to gaming buy a thunderbolt flash drive for gaming, & so on! 2.5" external storage is physically big & it will take a lot of space for many projects & uses & think using as an external storage is a tech going to die soon. Flash drives are the future, so small & available with big capacities!

    About ports:

    The charging port need to get back to benefit from the usb c thunderbolt ports. From now & on should be usb c thunderbolt & it should have been before. The usb c thunderbolt port should be at least 4 ports.

    This usb c thunderbolt is so amazing that when you plugin external monitor that supports usb c thunderbolt you can plug to that monitor the mouse, K/B & the headset!!

  14. Technically Big Sur is a completely new is version not an update like Catalina, or snow leopard, etc it’s built on all of the previous oz though

  15. How did you know what will happen? Like, so many people from past clowning you hard yet you stood alone with right opinion and predictions. I don’t care how people see me, I cheer for you. This is good video. Aged SO well.

  16. 6:20 Me watching on a fanless M1 Arm Macbook Air

  17. Apple ipad os privacy issue in india video in reply box

  18. BS Apple won't merge OS because they don't want macbooks to compete against IPad.

  19. Sadly, the Big Sur 11.2 update doesn't address the Bluetooth audio dropouts that plague my new M1 MacBook Air. Fixes suggested by Apple support don't work either. Spotify and other music apps transmit music flawlessly from my iPhone so I know it's an M1/Big Sur problem.

  20. There is no way you remove 10 gigs of “clutter” every week when you scan

  21. big sur more like big sir

  22. i liked when macos dock looked like a mirror table and the icons were sitting there

    the mirrorr part i loved and was soooo polished

    dont really like macos now it looks the between generations

    dont have macs here but i like linux

  23. windows xp is more important than big sur

  24. Big Sur broke my sister Macbook. Now she is using my old Windows laptop.

  25. Why the heck would anyone pay 35$ a year for software that can be done with two terminal commands. Disappointed you went with this sponsor

  26. Honestly I really hate that icons on big sur

  27. I wish I could use Clean my mac but everytime I tried it got rid of important stuff and I had to do complicated maneuvers because I was unable to use the internet even though I was connected to my wifi so ….. 😕

  28. I think your missing the Big Picture. Apple won’t merge the iPadOS and MacOS. But they will be sister OS’s. And we will see a new “TouchBook” where – like the Surface Book – is a laptop that will run MacOS. However, the screen can come off and then it runs iPadOS.

    Which is why MacOS has touch friendly designs. Eventually, some Macs will have touch screens. But it’s not meant as a primary way of interfacing with the laptop.

  29. I can’t upgrade my Mac Book Pro because I am out of room even with a 256 memory. So that means I also can’t edit YouTube videos or upgrade in iMovie. That really sucks!

  30. it looks like an iphone.

    dats pretty sick ngl

  31. Just give the laptop a the multi touch display or allow mac apps to run on ipad pro.

  32. This OS SUCKS!! First, it wouldn't install, then I had to erase my fucking HD because the install wouldn't work. Called Apple, then magically, it installed. Now it won't recognize my iPhone and my MacBook Pro is experiencing MAJOR slowdown. AVOID THIS UPDATE!!!!

  33. Awesome! This video is very helpful! You can visit my channel to see awesome stuff, too!

  34. Every new release is the most importante release ever

  35. When I saw the new MacBook I said it’s the cousin of the 6s

  36. title in a nutshell: why macOS big sur has the funniest name of all macOS names
    (this is just my opinion)

  37. CleanMyMac is malware. change my mind

  38. Misleading , because even without ur link ican just download cleanmymac from app store, and it only deletes little bit files for further deletion it needs upgrage

  39. If they fix the battery icon maybe I’ll consider downloading it

  40. Yet you watched eight minutes, thereby proving the Clickbait fulfilled its function and Reinforcing the tendency to use it more

  41. IMHO It is from LION that apple didn't makes something of innovative…

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