Why Microsoft Windows is Better than Mac OS X


Windows, Microsoft’s operating system, is so much better than Apple’s OS X. Duh! Didn’t you already know that? It’s clear that the people who love the other operating system are deluded mucky mucks. Windows is better than OS X.

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  1. My windows 10 has a virus. 🙁

  2. Those dislikes are apple fan.

  3. Im not a mac user but I like mac its better than Windows xp

  4. Well… I basically have a Late 2015 27" iMac as an investment computer (also for productivity), but I also have a self-built Windows 10 PC for gaming, entertainment, and heavy-duty 3D modeling/rendering. In a way, it's good to own both. Since Macs generally are built for long-term use, and for collector's value, it is good to own at least one, because Macs can only be made BY Apple, and/or assembled by them. Can't really say one's better over the other. Both have their pros and cons, and I'm cool with that. Always good to have that balance.

  5. windows can do everything mac can do and more. SOLVED. Yeah but im using a mac right now and the viruses that work on it are BRUTAL. plus every game i play eventually crashes, i had to go pay another 1000 dollars to buy windows os from an apple store. Also apple is money hungry, a stylis for $100!

  6. I've only really used Macs in high school. Been mainly a Windows (and sometimes Linux user) here at home for the longest time. There were times I always thought about owning a Mac. That might come sooner rather than later.

  7. Why does a windows working on every type of computer make it better? It means that it is inevitably compromised and therefore not as good as something that is set on a clear goal, like OSX

  8. After 17 years of being a windows user i switched to a macbook pro retina… Im never going back to windows i wish i switched earlier.

  9. Just like you said Windows was designed for people with more experience because you can do or create what ever you want, and Mac s are for users that may know how to access the internet.

  10. I like both myself but still prefer Windows over OS X.

  11. There is just one reason why Mac is better:   No Blue Screen of Death! Blue Screen is just useless and it's a fucking jumpscare!

  12. I agree I enjoy both as well as android

  13. I've used both because my art classes only use macs and at home i have a windows 7 gaming PC, and i like both a lot. To me neither is really better than the other, they both have their quirks and aside from gaming (which is obviously better on Windows) they're about the same and do the same things in their own ways.

  14. if we leave the hard core gaming stuff,MAC OS is better in all rest aspects than windows as i used PC for last 15 years or so and switched to MAC 6 months back and trust me it's super awesome..all the app store software updates,activity monitor controls,mission control,bug free environment make me love MAC ..n trust me i will never switch back to windows as per my personal notebook is concerned..i m telling this inspite i use windows pc at work as i work in visual studio..but hope it gets cross platform with vs 2015 release so that it will all be MAC OS for me as i m not a game lover..n in all rest of the stuffs,,MAC OS X nails it..

  15. Every bitter little fedora boy hates Mac.
    Every virus author is a bitter little fedora boy.
    Every Mac is susceptible to viruses.
    "People don't write viruses for macs"

    Yeah keep saying it… while I hit my fifteenth virus-free year of daily Mac use, dloading from every source imaginable.

  16. I don't get why people don't understand why Macs cost more.  Everything is in-house by Apple, of course development and engineering is gonna jack the price up, not to mention the "Apple" branding.  Who cares what's better, more expensive? Just use it. I hate macs, they're difficult to use, but that doesn't mean I can't UNDERSTAND why others use it.

    Btw, mac please get a root directory.

  17. Alright Ive gotten tired of all the arguing down below I might as well finish them…..

    When it comes to PCs i used them daily from 2005 to 2014 i found that everything Geekanoids said to be true. Updates, Drives, and continuous pains of slowness gets old very very very fast. But windows computers are CHEAP!!!! they can cost anywhere from 250$ plus and they only get better with the more one pays. 

    When it comes to Mac i have used them for about a year and i highly suggest them!!!! they work fast and well, they never need internal upgrades, they require few updates and they're all optional, and they're battery lasts fairly better than PC. Macs start up quick (unlike PC), can be use easily by anyone at almost any age, and make it very easy to find things. the only true downside to mac is less personalization options and they cost a pretty penny, BUT ITS SOOO WORTH IT!!!!

    over all if you're not in the market to pay highly for a mac then PC is your game
    if you have 1200$ to spend mac is the way to go

    (overall ratings)
    PC: 6.5
    Mac: 9

  18. A lot of people complain that pcs give you viruses and its slow as hell. I disagree with that comment, simply because it's the user fault that there computer is slow. A lot people click everything and think it's good for the pc and they download whatever they want because they think they won't get a virus. Don't get me wrong.. I like mac and windows but it's usually the user who messes up the computer because there uneducated and think that its the computer fault. 

  19. The world may not be black and white, but my Windows command prompt is.  😛

  20. Ends here most people on YouTube like windows over apple is because windows is good for gaming with lower prices while mac isn't, so windows is targeted for younger generations because it's performance is better but for casual use mac wins. I own a hp envy m6 and a MacBook pro they were the same price and the windows is faster. Now stfu about this war between them.

  21. The normal user does not need 100, 000 000 computers ofers. Normal user need maybe 10 hardware combination. So normal user, that is most people in the world, simply Apple offer is enough. Windows is for specific business solutions or so-called MacGyver user where you have to handle a wide range of hardware strange and unusual equipment requirements.
    So if You not in company and You not so-called MacGyver user The MAC OSX i better.

  22. There really isn't a WINDOWS COMPUTER.its not the operating system getting rid of the viruses, it's the computer. You can really only use Mac on MACS. And ever heard of windows 8.1? Yeah, windows 7 interface..

    So stop hating on windows, end this war… Just make it a tie

  23. Well I guess for those users that dont want to understand what is happening behind the scenes for them Mac OS X i think is better. But the Problem here is. Many of those people also don't want to pay a lot of Money for a PC and even though there are now some cheaper Macs i guess they still buy the cheaper PC's with the slightly better Hardwareconfiguration. And these users often break the operating System by treating the Operating System in a thoughtless manner.
    But im pretty sure they would break a Mac OS too.

  24. I'm twelve and im a programer. I use  Python, PHP, Java, Javascript, and JQuery to make websites, programes and more. However i don't use a mac. I was born liking pc's as much as 100x better than macs. My top goal when i'm older is to work at microsoft. Some people i've seen on the comments below complain that windows gets more viruses than mac. But that doesn't matter, it's how "you" use the computer. I also know for a fact that the rumor that macs can't get viruses is absoluetly wrong. So this one goes out to the apple fanboys and girls for being so biased. Thank you…….

  25. Have Both on different harddrives and OS X sux

  26. Biggest problem with Apple;
    As they boast about being virus-free, there are so many hackers that dream about being able to implant a virus onto a Mac, and soon Macs will no longer be virus-deterrent. Whoops, Apple.

  27. Also in many cases people hate Windows because they claim that their Windows computer was running very slow. That's an issue within the hardware, not the OS. If you're running Windows 8.1 on a computer with a 1.2 GHz processor and 256MB of RAM, then yea, it's going to be slow even if it was running the Mac OS.

  28. Windows lets you free to do whatever you want, but you must choose wisely what you do with that freedom (otherwise you'll get viruses, malware, and system errors). Mac holds you back and doesn't allow you to do as much, but does this so you don't end up with viruses and errors.

  29. all you mac users make me sick. boasting, bragging how you bought and expensive piece garbage for the "awesome"  os no viruses etc, Dont mean to pop anyone power supplies from over heated dried cables i saw in allinone mac…come on.. like the ps3 and xbox360, over heating=cracked solder issues?!? freshmen in college learn about heating expansion and contraction, you might have heard of the concept in 6 grade physics class…simply put you got ganked…apple power supply looked its been repaired @ least 3 times, the cables inside ps where dried out cracked made short.. yall mac users apple is really not so shiny once you start talking about little MINOR engineering tech things that my grandma could of avoided. that not what i expect if you shelling out top dollar for "top of the line gear".
    you mac users for paying such a premium is funny on my windows desktop…

  30. Microsoft did what the market needed in 1995 and blew up……..

  31. i hate windows but i have to use it, why? constant updates that make the system slower, never experienced mac but it appeals to me

  32. it took over 4 minutes to say windows is more compatible

  33. Everyone knows Windows is better DONT!!! complain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. After I started using my Mac I never went back to PC, but if I ever need to use Windows, I run bootcamp on my mac so I can run Windows programs in my mac.

  35. I am start using Mac but still miss my PC. Don't know why.

  36. PC is better in my opinion. But the problem is weren't Linux and apple partners under Microsoft. They should combine to make a super computer.

  37. PC is better in my opinion. But the problem is weren't Linux and apple partners under Microsoft. They should combine to make a super computer.

  38. You're smart dude, like your videos 🙂